The Ballad of the Desert Menace

Submitted by Kyleigh on Wed, 10/06/2010 - 12:26

in honor of the 2009 Father-Daughter cookout. 

 The fire was burning bright
Beneath the starry night
While fathers voices told
Countless stories of old

Then by light of lantern
Reflecting the fire’s burn,
A new story began:
“Once upon a time, in a faraway lan-…”

When across the sand did run,
A-spoiling all the fun
The daughters pointed and whispered,
Some may have even whimpered.
For out of the dust, small and clear,
Came one that menaced those held dear:
A scorpion! The stinger on its back;
Threatening a deadly attack.

The daughters to their feet did leap
While letting out many-a-peep
And fathers from their seats did spring
Rescue to their daughters to bring

But one above the rest
Did the scorpion charge
His foot did stomp
His shoe did clomp

And that scorpion atop the sand
Was crushed by a step grand
From the mighty Sir F--,
a father who gave wondrous talks

And the daughters he did save
From the darkness of the grave
To the story they did return,
Until the girls spoke with concern.

For near the fire burning bright,
Sauntered a new enemy to fight!
The daughters screamed in fear,
Thinking another scorpion was near.

Sir H------ and Sir C-------scrutinized
the creature, and realized
This menace was slightly lighter –
It was a camel spider!

Into the fire it quickly went,
By a shovel deftly sent.
All the girls but Rachel cheered,
and she “Tastes like chicken!” declared.

 With laughter and joy they continued
To wind yarns and sagas with a light mood,
Until the fire burned low
and it was, sadly, time to go.

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Did she EAT it?  BTW, this was very funny, and I liked the picture of everyone sitting around the fire listening to stories.

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No, don't worry - she didn't eat it... just said that - since we were 'cooking' it, might as well 'eat' it. :) 

I love telling stories around the campfire. Sadly, it doesn't happen much. On Church campouts there will be a short message, but stories only appear at the Father-Daughter campouts. Each dad usually has to tell a story from his childhood, then one dad, usually mine, will talk some about the relationship of fathers and daughters. :) 

Haha, too funny :)

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