The Ballad of Romeow and Julicat

Submitted by Kyleigh on Sat, 08/15/2009 - 02:12

... this is based on the cat who sits under our window and meows up at our kitty. We nicknamed them "Romeow" and "Julicat" though their names are really "Ojo" and "Sunny." 

Enjoy. :) 

Down below the window wide,

At morning, noon, or eventide,

Came Romeow in all his glory,

But not to chase a rainbow lory.


For seated in the window wide,

A-lying on her side,

Lolled the fair Julicat,

Soaking sunshine where she sat.


"Julicat, O Julicat,

"How I love thee, dear cat!"

Called Romeow, a-wailing

And Julicat, her lovely face a-veiling,

Turned her up her nose, unmoved

For his love was not yet proved.


Yet Romeow would not quit,

Even if Julicat would not sit,

In view of his longing gaze,

Unwavering through the days.


As there in the window each hour,

Sat she, escaped from her bower,

To bask in the sun and shun her lover,

As yet he hoped her love to uncover.


"Julicat, O Julicat,

"Be not as much a brat,

"To so rudely shun my love,

"For you are more lovely than a dove,

"And I shall be forever blue,

"If you refuse my love so true."


The petite head of Julicat,

Turned from where she sat,

To gaze upon her suitor there,

Who indeed thought her so fair.


And she felt his love so strong

Needed her to join in song,

Thus returned his cries with a single note,

And confessed her love from her throat.


"Julicat, O Julicat,

"See now what you shunned was that,

"Which now unites our love,

"Steadfast from above."

Sang her suitor Romeow,

As he swept a chivalrous bow.


Every day by the window wide,

At morning, noon, or eventide,

The lovers proclaimed their affection.

Until the humans gave objection.


Romeow advanced toward the window wide,

Seeking his lover, filled with pride,

But she was not there this hour,

For they locked her in her bower.


"Julicat, o Julicat,

"Where art thou at?"

The lonesome suitor cried.

As something in him died,

On the day she no longer sat,

And Romeow was left without his Julicat

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Aww, poor Romeow and Julicat.  Did you ever let her out of her bower?

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Very good, Ky! I like the part "Julicat, O Julicat/ Be not as much a brat..."That's hilarious! I always appreciate a good spoof on Shakespeare.


And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"

Haha! That was funny!!

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LOL, that was great. :D

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