Leviticus: VI. Brought Near

Submitted by Kyleigh on Sun, 04/17/2011 - 09:48
{the final installment of Leviticus - a summary, in verse. My next post will be about A Mysterious Jar...)

A nature of sin, a soiled soul,

A people hostile against their God.

The relationship He initiated is broken,

Their unholiness requires a rod.


Their sin deserved His immense wrath,

For His perfection could not be near
Their dirt and filth

Demanded the death of all this earthly sphere.


The altar, stained with blood.

An animal’s death was required,

The shedding of blood for forgiveness.

To the holiness of God the people aspired.


Yet even sacrifice did not suffice,

The mediation of the priests was needed

To worship Him as He commanded.

-         or death, if His law was unheeded.


Every aspect of life was regulated,

By the His laws that set apart,

Reflecting His character,

Requiring holiness in every part.


The law, the lamb, the priests,

Kept the decaying from the holy,

Yet they diagnosed and did not cure,

They did not cleanse the people wholly.


Endless rituals, yet the job was never done.

Lambs were not enough for atonement,

Men strove for holiness yet unattained.

Of His promise there seemed postponement.


The daily sacrifices, hope in the promise of God,

Mediators, and obedience to the law,

Always striving, rarely ceasing,

That He might dwell near to them and not withdraw.


Yet all the blood of earthly lambs did not atone,

Was not enough to satisfy the Lord,

Something greater was necessary.

Could not one sacrifice make the relationship restored?


Only one man obeyed all His Holy laws,

Only one deserved to see His face,

Only one fulfilled the shadow,

 That begged fulfillment, cure and base.


And yet that Rock, the Son of God,

Though He was holy and unblemished,

Became the lamb that atoned for sin,

By men and Father- despised, rejected.


Christ is mediator, Son, and lamb.

He took our sin upon His soul, 

He took the curse for our lack of Holiness,

He closed the altars, paid the toll.


The Father cuts His own Son off,

As at the cross God’s holiness and justice meet,

He lessens not His wrathful hand,

And just as heavy is @#!*\% ’s heat.


The estranged brought near,

The common and holy meet,

We approach the unapproachable,

With no fear of the judgment seat.


Sacrifice is no longer necessary

Under Christ the perfect lamb,

We cease from striving,

And rest in Him, who like the ram,

Took our place, and brought us near:

To be the Father’s, without fear.

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