Teach Me To Die: A Prayer

Submitted by Kyleigh on Thu, 12/30/2010 - 15:50

{Lately martyrdom has been on my mind. Stay tuned on my blog to find out why. But then I caught a stomach bug and was quite miserable. The next day I listened to a sermon by Eric Ludy called "Extraordinary Courage" ... which really stepped on my toes. My thoughts, Mr. Ludy's, and some of Richard Baxter's are included in this prayer}

‘Tis so easy to romanticize
The notion of martyrdom.
The longing inside with the prayer
"Thy kingdom come.”

‘Tis so noble to want to die
For His glorious name,
Yet when the pain comes
Those thoughts are not the same.

Thus comes the prayer,
“Teach me to die,”
So that I shall be brave
When the time is nigh.

With courage and patience
They went forth to their deaths
Remembering their Savior
As they drew their last breaths.

The young and the old,
The man and the dame,
Met sword and beast,
Water and flame.

The martyr’s example,
Death met without fear,
Instills such longing for heaven,
And hope that death will be near.

Yet at the trials of life,
I shrink back afraid,
Forgetting His love,
And the price that He paid.

For the strength of the martyr
Was not their own might,
But the beauty of Christ,
Knowing He’d soon be in their sight.

In those moments of pain,
My God is so near.
His presence and grace
Dispels all fear.

‘Tis so easy right now
To look at it all,
And to say “When it comes,
I won’t fall.”

But the pain and hurt
of the small daily trials
Require death to self
And joyful smiles.

The daily dying
Prepares one’s soul
To be free in affliction
And lessen pain ’s toll.

Teach me to die, I pray.
That when the time is come,
I will die in a way that glorifies Him,
As death is overcome.

Prepare me for the final death
As daily I struggle and sigh,
Bring me to look to You.
Father, teach me to die.

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Wow. That poem had amazing rhythm and story inside.

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