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Note: I was planning on writing something like this before James started posting his recent posts. I hope it encourages you in your writing!
Fellow writers,
Ezra and I were reminiscing the other day about Apricotpie "way back when." We remembered thought-out essays, deep poetry, polished fiction, and often philosophical discussions on all of the above. It was a place where a lot of growing happened, through both agreement and critique. Most of those people have now moved on to families, jobs, publishing their writing, and other things, and many of us that are left are also busy with life. But Apricotpie and all it was to us is still very much a part of us (and I don't just say that because I have ap to thank for my husband).

I would love to see Apricotpie become like that again, for two reasons -

First, there's a new "generation" of young writers on ap, and we now older writers can be what James, Sarah Bethany, Ezra, Mary, and Heather were to Anna and I. This happens both by commenting and by putting forth writing that is something they can aspire to. And even though we were younger, that didn't stop Anna and I from leaving constructive criticism when we had it - this goes both ways!

Second, Apricotpie is public on the Internet. Folks, we represent homeschoolers to the Internet. People who may have poor opinions of schooling at home may find it and find their opinion either confirmed or changed by the kind of writing they find on here.
Michael Card, a musician, author, and theologian, wrote of dispelling opposition to homeschooling: "let the excellence of your work be your protest."
In an age where many look down on homeschooling, let's make a point to write well to be a proof of how homeschooling does work.
That's not to say we can't post works in progress! I don't mean that at all. None of us write perfectly. But be thoughtful in what you post. Remember our writing here allows us to be ambassadors for homeschooling.

Let's rebuild Apricotpie to be a place of polished, thought-provoking writing where we come alongside one another and help each other's writing get somewhere. This may mean the frequency of posting goes down, and that's perfectly fine!
I know I write this as one who has been somewhat absent of late, but I do hope to comment more and post twice a month instead if just once.

Protest with excellent writing that homeschooling is a good thing, and encourage those around you in the same thing!

Keep writing!
- Kyleigh

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This is so true! I do miss a lot of the fiction that used to get posted on here. Life has gotten so busy that I have little time to read, let alone write and edit, anything of significant length. I will work on finding more time to leave comments!
P.S. Javi's Cafe is first on my list. I have been intending to go back and read all of the chapters, but haven't gotten the chance yet. :)

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This is wonderful, Kyleigh. :) Thank you for still being involved in the site as an example for us younger writers. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts.

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Ditto to Megan! I hadn't really thought of the fact that non-homeschooler's have access to read our writings on here. Hmm. That gives me more to ponder on. Thanks for sharing.
God bless!

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Thankyou, Kyleigh! Very inspiring and encouraging :)

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I too remember AP from many years ago. It has always been a wonderful place! It is indeed the only place that I have ever published my poetry online, simply because it is in a place where I know others will be inspired and appreciate it! We definitely are a light to those who don't understand how blessed we are to be homeschooled. Our thoughtful and thought-provoking writing should always show that. Thanks Kyleigh for sticking around with the AP family! Blessings!

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As I've reiterated many times over, this site has helped me tremendously in my writing. I've no idea where I'd be literary-wise without it! I'm so lucky to have found it! You've been a great supporter over the years and I always appreciate your comments. :) I'm excited for the future of AP. I'm hoping to see more people joining as the years progress and looking forward to the day when I'm celebrating ten years on this site....a milestone you've surely passed! haha!