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A crowd noisily gathers in the auditorium, sometimes in large groups, occasionally trickling in one by one. Little do they know what goes on back stage. But if you open the door…

A long hallway filled with children, where neither student nor teacher, but chaos reigns. Little Abbie struggles to tie her shoes, shouting at the top of her lungs. Sounds of “hush” pervade the rooms. Jonny creeps to the door and peeks out—a hand quickly shuts it before he reveals himself. Gabe walks the hallways, telling people to be quiet, but making as much noise as anyone else. Two girls sit giggling nervously and practicing their lines to each other.

Everyone is tense, every muscle strained, every heart beating wildly. There's a hundred people waiting out there and they came to see you. And not just to see you, but to see you do a Good Job!

Miss Bonnie and Mrs. Day do a quick run-through with each other, walk the halls once more to shush...

And then…

The music starts.

We’re on.

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Aaaagggghhhh I love and miss the thrill of being on stage so much. Is this for a play? It sounds like a play. I loved doing plays. :P You capture the excitement, the mood, so well! :)

Wow. You definitely captured feelings I felt when I was in drama. How I loved it! And this was very well done. Thank you for posting it!

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