First Frost

Submitted by Libby on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 05:34

The grass glistens. Beads of dew bend the slender, white stems, bowing, as it seems, to greet the morning. Thrills of anticipation ring in my chest. I close my eyes, imagining the first step to mar the pure whiteness; the delicious, crisp odor of the air stinging my lungs; the satisfying crunch of ice as it crumbles beneath my feet. Shivers of delight course through my veins.

I force my lids to lift.

Cartops and windows are glazed over with the filmy crust. Dark mushrooms dotting the field are fringed with white trimming—beauty in itself! The horizon is edged with a pale-yellow hue that melts into the clear sapphire of the sky.

The sun is just peeking through the trees, casting its golden light upon patches of the silver world. Its golden fingertips brush the pale rooftops dipped in ice. The ruby of the maple lace is bathed in a warm glow as, beneath it, a line of light slowly melts through the icy grass.

The silver, ghost-like light cast into our little house is slowly giving way to the golden warmth of sunlight.

I sigh.

My perfect world is melting fast, bit by bit.

I watch as the steam begins to rise above the last frosted fence top. Drops of water catch the sun’s rays, glittering like jewels.

Golden beams, like ropes, pull the sun from its hiding place behind the trees. Its warmth burst free, lighting the world once again.

Day has begun. The fresh morning is tainted.

My world is not perfect anymore.

But tomorrow will come again—and with it, a new dawn.

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Your style makes writing about quiet, cold mornings look easy! I'm so happy right now because this vignette perfectly describes how I want to wake up on winter mornings (being in SoCal I wake up to 60 degree weather if I'm lucky). Bravo! I love it so much!

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This is so beautiful, Libby! I love it! I agree; this does describe how I want to wake up...not how the world actually looks when I wake up. Your descriptions were wonderful. I especially liked the line, "Golden beams, like ropes, pull the sun from its hiding place behind the trees." I've never heard sun beams described as ropes; it is unique and lovely. Well done!

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Gosh, Libby, you're so good at capturing feelings and augh this is just beautiful <33

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Oh Libby, you wrote this so well! These two lines especially caught my attention:

"Its golden fingertips brush the pale rooftops dipped in ice."


"Drops of water catch the sun’s rays, glittering like jewels."

Fabulous job Libby! You write so beautifully!

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Thank you all so much! You all make me too happy :)
I love frost and when I woke up and saw it for the first time in November, I was just so enchanted and grabbed my notebook and began to write. I guess that helped with catching the mood - thank you all so very much. :D

This is so incredibly visceral. Your descriptions are like tiny, individual poems. Very pleasing to my mind’s eye. Bravo!

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Damaris, do you know how much that means to me!? You are so sweet and your comment just lifted me clear to the sky the first time I read it - I was so happy! :) Thank you so much!!