I Look Unto the Heavens

Submitted by Libby on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 01:04

I look unto the heavens,
And, God, I wonder why?
Why, if you’re so holy, did you make a girl like me?

I can’t imagine why, oh LORD,
Why am I in your plan?
Why, a simple, sinful girl, with faults so plain to see?

In Your Word you tell the truth--
A truth that never dies;
Yet truth that seems to contradict myself, LORD can it be?

You tell me that I’m chosen,
That for me you have a job,
That you can use this broken girl, if only I agree.

You tell me of your Son who came,
Who lived a perfect life,
Who took my sin, my shame, my grief and nailed it to a tree.

You tell me of his agony,
Being separate from you.
“For what end?” I ask you LORD. “Was all this to save me?”

My heart so full of hateful rage,
My hands so stained with guilt,
Ashamed, I humbly bow my head, LORD this my cry, my plea:

Oh God, you’ve seen what I have done
You know my sinful soul,
But LORD, I know if you are willing, you can make me clean!

My shame and doubt both fade away,
I’m covered with your blood;
I realize you’ve paid my debt, that you have set me free!

And when at last I see my king
No guilt will I possess;
I’ll sing with all his host that Christ has won the victory!

You ask for me to trust in you,
God, how can I do less?
Oh LORD, you gave your life for me, I give my all to thee!

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