Three Girls and How They Lived

Submitted by Libby on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 05:28

With vibrant eyes and joyful smile
She brightens every room
Her sunny laugh and cheerful style
Unending, I presume.


Quiet as a cat,
She sits as still as night;
And as the curls fall round her face
As soft and light as lace,
A smile glows out from brown eyes,
Appearing bright and wise.
And where she sat
Warmth could be found
In that pretty sight
Spreading all around
The beauty of a lily, white
So purely shedding light.


She gently lifts a sleepy child
Who rests his tired head
Upon her long-enduring arm;
She smiles and softly sings.
This girl, so merry, meek, and mild
Is filled with joy that seeks to head
Off any harm
And any hurt
That comes to break her peace.
And so she sings.


Peace and love,
Joy unbound,
Hope from above,
Grateful sound—
All bring glory to the Father.

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These are different character sketches through poetry of girls I've observed. The end describes how each one brings glory to God.


This is my favorite piece you’ve shared so far, Libby. Well, this one and content to Struggle. Personal poetry is always the best, because the heart of it is so pure. I especially love the And so she sings line. Thank you so much for sharing! This made me think of a Paul Washer quote: “Whenever eloquence is more important than the words spoken it is powerless.” Your poetry is powerful, Libby, and that is what makes you an amazing artist.

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This is so beautiful Libby! You wrote this so well! I especially like the last 6 lines of the third paragraph. So pretty!

I enjoy reading your posts, Libby!

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