We Will Not Surrender!

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Gentlemen, we are fighting a war. A war that calls us to liberty. A war that calls us to fight against our captors. A war that calls us to regain what we have lost. Our homes; our families; our freedom. You have answered that call. We have fought battles. We have won. Now, when we have no chance of winning, we will not surrender!

They will fight brutally. They will come at us like dogs. We will look straight into their canons; we will stare up their guns; we will hear the clash of steel against steel, feel the blade at our throats—and we will fight on!

They will offer us a chance. Surrender. They will send a messenger. They will shove a printed document up our throats, one that spells our shame. And we will spit it out! Though we are surrounded on every side, we will send back their messenger, and we will not surrender!

Remember your country. Remember the freedom that you fight for. Remember why you answered that call! And remember, you who have families, remember those you love. You fight not only for your own freedom, but for theirs as well. Will you go back after coming all this way? Would you leave the country you love? Would you betray your fellow men for your life? Never! As brothers from the same country we are bound together with unity, for we fight as one with all our strength as one!

Gentlemen, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve with you. Our brigade fought countless battles. Together we have won. Together, we fight for freedom. And together we will die an honorable death for the honorable cause we fight for! For the sake of our homes, our families, and our freedom, we will not surrender!

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Well done! I like this.

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