Where Dreams Come True

Submitted by Libby on Wed, 11/15/2017 - 07:01

In my hands I hold the world
A pot of gold I seek to find
My pathway: beams of sunlight, pearled
The rainbow’s end in light enshrined.

The night around me closes fast
Blue skies now deepen into black
I look up to the heavens, vast
For fear of unforeseen attack.

Look! Yonder, there a shadow road
To where it leads, I cannot say.
Dark silhouettes of creatures goad
A swifter flight by moonlit ray.

As sun creeps in, dispersing night,
The horrors of my dreams have gone
Now naught is left of passing fright
But phantom shadows in the dawn.

At last, the ending soon draws nigh!
There up ahead the sunshine’s gleam
A door there is for all to try
That glimmers in the brightening beam.

Why it’s there, where it leads
I leave decisions up to you
But sign that stands before it reads
“Inside is where your dreams come true.”

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This is really good, Libby! I do believe this is your best poem yet. Perfect phrasing and cadence! I love it.

I can't even pick a favorite verse. :) they're all so good. Well done, dear. Well done.

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