Sky Castles and other dream-ideals

Submitted by little woman on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 22:11

I: Sky Castles
building castles in the sky
dreams and wishes piled high
bending swaying with the breeze
lofty clouds now changing shape
plans I know
will never come true
yet can't help embellishing
in case they do
plans of travel
plans of love
plans of rules to be broken
plans of me
new and improved
I know exactly
what I need to do next
to make these castles stone
as surely as
I know I'll never do it

II: Words
lately I've been thinking
of the words I long to hear
of the words I've never heard

spoken by

the boy I long to meet
the boy I've never met

the boy

I hope exists

III: Seeking Truth
seeking truth
the cry in my heart
the aching longing
of every aimless soul
the desire to know
to truly believe
to live in the moment
to be free
seeking conviction
in this truth I've been taught
and continue to seek

IV: Harpies
this feeling of unworth
of continual inferiority
gone in the dark
stronger in the dark
harpies float before my eyes
screaming hate
darkness gives anonymity
pain penetrates slowly
silent music pounds in my ears
waiting for sleep to come
praying for sleep
dreading sleep
lying awake in the dark

V: remnants of love
I no longer love you
the way that I did
but I cannot forget you
and when I see you
or hear your name
my heartstrings quiver
and shake
and I want so badly
to love you again
so I look away
and close my ears
to the words being spoken around me
because I know it can't work
but still my soul trembles
and I care so much
what you say
that it hurts

VI: baby sister
letting go
of these dreams I'd planned
of who you'd be,
a friend so grand
a best friend
a little sister to be mine.
age gaps would be no matter
I'd watch you learn to walk and stand
I'd be always near you; you'd hold my hand
I have other sisters
Heaven knows
but you and I,
we would be each other's special gift
just as the other two
have always been so close, each other's favorite playmate.
in a family so full of love
I was alone
and you were to be mine
but you're not
and I'm trying to let go
to forget the plans I'd made, the dreams I'd built
and love the place we're at now
and the person you are
and try not to feel alone.

VII: Wanted
a need to be needed
a desire to be loved
this ache which arises
in darkest times
feeding on pain
pain consuming pain
that feeling of unworth
love is essential for love to go on
man cannot live on bread alone
or live relying on structures of stone
sooner or later, stone will come down
bread will be gone
only love remains
and from love, hope and joy
hope and joy which are needed most
by those who feel unwanted
by those who act unloveable
by those who need love most

VIII: frozen heart
an air-conditioned chill
sneaks beneath my skin
freezing, aching
'till all is cold within

'till all is cold within
and apathy slowly grows
no motivation to move away
from the place the chill wind blows

from the place the chill wind blows
to the warm soft isle of sleep
there I left my heart
no more to feel its leap

no more to feel its leap
this fickle heart of mine
this heart which breaks itself
this heart which would be thine

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About #7: I recently watched October Baby, if any of you have seen it, and it got me thinking about the need that we all have to be wanted, to be needed, to know that we are loved. And that led to thinking about the human need for love, and how so many people don't feel loved and keep looking in the wrong places. And it made me feel ever so grateful that I've always felt loved, even if I don't always feel liked. And that led to 'Wanted', which is a bit enigmatic and drifty, even for me, but it just sort of came out that way. And on a completely unrelated note, I thought I would ask a question. So: What is one of your sky castles - something you plan off in the distance knowing that it won't actually happen, but still can't let go of? Or, am I the only one who does this?


These are so good! I love Harpies and remnants of love. You did such a good job with these!

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

These are lovely. I may possibly copy a few down for my wall, if that's alright.
As far as my lovely little fairy castles go, I would love to travel the entire world. Just become acquainted with every little nook and cranny. :) I also harbor an unsteady belief that Atlantis was real and I hope to find it.

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya

Erin - Thank you! I always look forward to your comments :)

Bridget - I would love it if you wanted to copy some down! Go ahead :) Also, your fairy castles sound lovely.

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