Until the End of Time

Submitted by little woman on Wed, 03/27/2013 - 16:25

I am the voice of the wind through the barren trees
I am the cry of the motherless child
I am the silence that rises at night
I am the hope of the young

I know despair that chokes out the night
I know pain that overwhelms your mind
I know yearning that cannot be satisfied
I know joy that can never be described

I've been lost in darkness
I've been bathed in light
I have fought the battle
that alone you need not be

I am always with you
until the end of time
through all your pain, despair
your yearning, joy
until the end of time
I will protect you, watch o'er you, guide you
until the end of time
I will love you
until the end of time

until the end of time

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So originally this was just a random, meandering poem. Then it kind of became about Christ's passion and ressurection. So yes, the first part is a little strange, which is why I am including this note. Think of it in the sense that Christ told us whenever we do something for a neighbor, we do it for Him. So He is in the crying child, he is in that peaceful calm only found at night, etc. No, I'm not pantheistic. It's poetic license. Hopefully this makes sense. Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!