The Lost Scribes

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Dear Apricot Pie Family,

Long time, no write! Though I do note with a kind of self-congratulatory and nostalgic pride that "Ander" is still one of the most popular topic terms. :D Don't know who I am? Haven't read Ander? Mmmm....well, the first you should remedy, the second...Wait a few years. I mean, you can read it if you want, but I'm working on edits and such and changing, like, the whole first six chapters.

But enough about that. This is just a note to invite all of you over to mine and Heather's (used to be H.A. Titus around here...she seems to have vanished) and Mary's project blog,

We're working on book two of our projected trilogy The Lost Scribes, book one being Falls the Shadow, and book two being Burns the Fire. It's Christian Steampunk at its finest (which is easy, because there's pretty much just us) and a rollicking adventure through the shambled streets of Shandor Rei, battles in the air (in AIRSHIPS) and both the future of a secret library and the fate of a ragtag group of children and outlaws rest in the hands of three people:

Libby -- the young keeper of the Library

Skylar -- the half-cyborg boy who once saved her life

and Maricossa -- a traitor to the tyranicall White Tiger and their only hope of survival.

What will happen next? Head over and check it out! You won't want to miss it!


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Aw, cool! Y'all will make a great writing team, stylistically! I'll check it out! Also, Heather is still on the monthly page, but her username is Heather :) lol.

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Hi Loriann!

This is for all three of you: I just want to say that I have already been reading the Lost Scribes. I had commented once, but after I wrote the comment, I had problems publishing it under a specific identity I wanted to publish it under. Anyways, I wanted to say that you all did a wonderful job on the first book. I loved reading it and read everything l in one setting up until you had written, at least (which at that time was 3/4 done). I love how you created a story that was memorable. I felt the tension between the library and the White Tiger, Maricossa and his girlfriend Connie, and just everything made me excited! Though I can't believe you killed that boy (was it Coll?)!

But, I have been reading the 2nd book too, and I do want to be honest that I don't enjoy it as much as the 1st book, partly because I think that the first book is satisfying enough by itself. I did get excited when you announced that you were writing more, but I have been feeling that in order in make the 2nd book just as good, there should be more action than just setting up the library in the cave. I just feel that the real plot twist needs to come sooner. If I remember correctly, what happened in the latest chapter is the first real thing I have been excited for the 2nd book.

But keep writing!! God bless you and your writing.

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Well, part of the slowness in getting started is the fact that we're only posting every two weeks, which makes it seem slower... But you're probably right. :) Honestly, we're only just getting excited now ourselves. These first few chapters have been a lot of "ok, we have to tie up some loose ends before we head off into the wild blue yonder..."
But don't you worry. There are tigers on that horizon. And markets sparkling with diamonds and steaming with spices. And an arctic waste! And Vikings! And possibly ninjas....though we can't see if they're coming or not yet. >.<
LOL Keep reading!

Hey! I read about Ander! I visited today for the first time in months... I miss y'all and your stories! I don't even know if you guys remember me...

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Ooh! Sounds fascinating! I'll hope over and check it out! I absolutely love your Ander book! If anyone hasn't read it... well, they are just not an APer... it's like an ApricotPie classic! It's certainly the first book I've read all the way through on here!
LOVED ANDER! Couldn't turn off my computer ;)

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....what makes an ApricotPie classic? Is it something like Hannah's White Funeral and Anna's Stars over Llorleya (sp?)? I just love the sound of an ApricotPie classic! :) But what makes it so?

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hmm... Good point.... I'd have to say a ApricotPie Classic, is one of those books on AP that everyone knows about in some way (whether they've heard other people mention it, or whether they've read it). It's a book which has been finished and many members love and admire. I think it would be a book which was written near the beginning and starting of AP, or just has been published for a while and people still go back to read. It's a book which that author is known for. I guess what makes an AP classic is the age and art of it, plus it's readers.
Like, Lucy Anne, I think your probably one of those classic AP members; those members names you think of when you think of AP. If that makes any sense?
When I think of books on AP, I think Ander, and Hot Airballoon (probably because I read this), and Stars over Llorleya.
Does this make ANY sense at all? AP classics are exactly like any other classic, like Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, or Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice. What makes them classics? Whatever it is, that's what makes AP classics ;)

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