Dandelion, Music, and Wind

Submitted by Lucy Anne on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 15:50

From my piano bench, I can see dandelion seeds float on the wind. There they go; sledding down imaginary valleys and floating on imaginary clouds. As my fingers travel up and down the keys, I wonder. Does music float? Just like dandelions? If I push up the windows high, lift the piano cover, play Hayden’s Surprise Symphony—will the music float out the windows and into the world’s ears?

Thump, thump. There goes the neighbor boys’ basketball. Always thump-thumping. Through noise, does a faint trickle of music ever alert their ears?
It’s early nine o’ clock-- it’s them playing outside and me playing inside. I play Pathetique 2nd movement. Maybe if I play softer and more dreamy-like, music won’t sag down the breezy wind. Maybe the wind will carry further.

Those dandelion seeds outside…do they ever fly all the way down half a mile to Stop and Shop? Or do they decide to plant hundreds in my yard?
What if my music actually tiptoed all the way to Stop and Shop. That’s a big forest of homes along the way. Does anyone hear? Hear when I abandon Pathetique and Grieg for a whole month and just play praise songs by ear? Those songs that come first into my heart; from my heart to my mouth; out of my mouth to piano music. Even though I stumble through ‘1000 Reasons for my heart to sing’ can they almost hear my heart that’s ready to burst? Does Chopin Waltz or my transposition of ‘There is Power in the Blood’ entice them to tap their foot? ‘Step by Step’ – do they realize my prayer to God?

Do they ever stop washing dishes or thumping basketball; ever stop still just to listen? And see if they can break through that film of music notes and detect those inner layers of joyous or mourning emotion?

What if music captures the wind, flying out of the window, and into someone’s soul? Once a customer service lady on the other line interrupted mommy, “That music playing in the background…I could listen all day.” Mommy goes, “I have four daughters so I already listen all day!”

Sometimes I wish I had music-playing neighbors. Then I would know what it’s like to be on the other side—and not at the piano bench. I would be doing school on my desk with the window open. And as the breeze floats in my window, I would freeze when I think I recognize a piece. When a rush of wind (which blows my hair and my papers) turns up the volume, I’ll squeal.

If music really does ride with the wind; all crazy just like dandelion seeds… I wonder—as I peek and check if neighbor’s windows are open before piano, what music looks like; traveling on the wind.

It must look stunning.

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Creative essay, if that's what you call it. Written yesterday from inspiration. If you turned up your nose after reading it, please tell me everything it's wrong with it and be helpful, not just click the X button. :)


First of all, I really like this. :)
I did notice a few things: Hayden - is Haydn (and listen to his 46th Symphony. It's fantastic).
And when you say "Chopin Waltz" - either you should specify which one or say "a Chopin Waltz."
I also think that with this style of writing, saying "my mother" instead of "mommy" would work better. And try to avoid using "goes" for talking. We don't "go" words, we say them.
Anyway, music outside is the best. :)

Kyleigh, thank you for commenting and pointing those three things out. I should have checked and made sure about Haydn's spelling. And actually I had a specific Chopin Waltz at first, but then took it out. Thank you for blessing my day with your comment!!

J. Glen Pollard, thank you for your comment!

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Very descriptive Good job on the creative side.

One prob: "That’s a big forest of homes along the way." Most people know a forest is big. So I think it be better if you just left the big out: "That's a forest of homes along the way".

Otherwise, it reminds me of when I used to the do piano. Except I was embarrassed when the window was open in case I messed up. :)

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Loved this! Very poetic and sweet, the imagery was vivid and easy to read. Simple and sweet, yet very fancifully written that it seemed complex on a few lines.
Very well done!

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This is so sweet, Megan! I really felt I was there. I'm writing a creative essay quite like this, so I was surprised that it followed the same sort of thought. :)

This essay was meant to be informal, or a musing one, right? In that case, I don't reckon you need to put 'mother' instead of mummy, or 'says' instead of goes. But Kyleigh's correct, we don't go words. :) Depends what you want to portray.
Overall, I really enjoyed this! A really playful, musing, delightful piece!

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Thank you so much!!

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is really lovely. I loved all of your descriptions. I agree with Kyleigh about the "mommy" thing though. "My mother" might have fit a bit better with the rest of the essay. Great job!

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Thank you Erin and Sarah Bethany, so much for taking time out of your day to leave your thoughts!! They brought instant smiles and encourage me so much! God bless -- Megan

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think it's noticing the little things--like dancing dandelion seeds, that make some writers so captivating. This was a pleasure to read. :-)