Old Things Die (But Not Us) -- Chapter one and a half: Entry 11

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 07:21

Dear Levi:
I was thinking about our walk down to the Cape earlier. I was looking at all the decorations and we said something like how weird it is that people decorate for things.
I don’t think it’s weird, and I hope it never came across that way. I just was thinking about how people spend money on things that won’t last. You know, things that are in the now. Decorations that may make sense this year, but in years to come won’t be so important. Things that take money don’t seem to last as long as the things that don’t. I can't think of anything real specific, but I was just thinking about it while we were watching fireworks. I was gonna mention it but you looked lost in thought.
I may look like that a lot. I have plenty of things going through my head, not that I want to share them. I think half the things in my head are better in my head than said out loud, if you know what I mean. Some things just mean more when they’re unsaid. Like actions. It’s less meaningful when you have to explain it to someone, like it’s just lost in translation. They make all the difference to not put words to, if you know what I mean.
You already know I think a lot. It’s kind of obvious with how little I talk, I’d think.
I’m really grateful for today. I’m happy that we went to see the fireworks together. I know that we’ve never missed a year, but I’m always grateful for it. I’m always happy we do it. I’m always satisfied when we see the fireworks show together.
That’s all.
Your friend,
Joshua Kang

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There will be a half-chapter after each full chapter. To respect the storytelling of Levi at Josh's memorial, Josh's memories will be narrated as a journal entry or letter. This will come with explanation further into the story.
I hope you like it!