Out With the Old

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 02:11

Dusty paintings. Trash. Old porcelain dolls. Garbage. Musty white dress for a bride. Unneeded. Pictures of ladies in pearls. Vintage. She will not see worth beyond dollars and space in the attic. Grandma’s wedding ring. No longer with us; why retain antiquated contracts?
Stop! Please, people, think first: is it all really waste?

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I got a school assignment to write a story in 53 words. The writing prompt was 'waste'. Hope you like it! Happy New Year!


Maddie, this is so nostalgic and sad. :( Not that I don't like it - I love it <3. You managed to capture so much in just 53 words, and I'd say that's truly an accomplishment.

Oh man, I love this. <3

“planting seeds inevitably changes my feelings about rain.” —luci shaw.
psalm 84:10 esv.

You rocked those 53 words! Every time I read this, it's better than the last. Job well done, as always!

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