Some Pirate Song

Submitted by Madalyn Clare on Fri, 12/23/2016 - 22:30

The waves are a’calling,
They have since I was small.
The men are a’sailing,
To one another they call.

To which will I give my heart,
For I know not who ‘twill be.
Will you calm the seas, my love?
Will you calm the seas for me?

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I wrote this as a song for one of my characters in another story to sing, but I have since stopped writing it. I liked Myriam's Song, though.


I meant to comment on this when it was first published. ;) haha but life has definitely caught up with me. :P

It's sooooo beautiful. I love the rhythm and rhyme pattern you used.

The sentiment of the poem really resonated with me. Kinda hit a very tender heartstring of mine, and brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. So sweet, tender, and most of all; true. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us.

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I love this! I love the subtle onomatopoeia that you used. I can see the waves when reading this!

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