Carol Time

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It has come to that time of year again when my sisters play the carols over and over and over again with no mercy.

It is also that time of year when there seems to be round after round of Christmas work parties, or end-of-year celebrations.

…and of course, the pretty Christmas lights and decorations. And carols. Bring on the carols!

Christmas, I find, often brings families together. No matter what family feud is going on, everyone congregates to Grandma and Pa’s for Christmas lunch. All the cousins are running around playing games, all the women are busy fussing over salads and food, and the men are cooking the meat, some having a few beers. In the background, there are carols being sung.

In the lounge room, the presents are all huddled together on the coffee table. The cousins (that basically means anyone under the age of 18) all take turns peeking at the tags on the presents to see which is for who.

My Grandmother tells us the story behind Christmas, and even the youngest listens. Well, for a little while.

After a lunch that could have fed an army, everybody hustles towards the present room. At first, there is absolute silence as the children wait anxiously for their long-awaited gifts. Then the fun begins, with loud, ripping noises and excited cries of thank-yous.

Then comes Boxing Day on the 26th, and everything is priced crazy cheap.

New Year’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone is quietly musing over New Year’s resolutions and thinking how different ‘2014’ sounds.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am very excited about next year. The new lifestyles…I have finally landed myself a job, I’m quitting choir (sadly), new fitness program, and hopefully creating more time for myself to write.

The most exciting thing is…it’s a fresh year. No mistakes on my slate yet. It’s almost like I can breathe this fresh smell, and it smells like a wind that is SO fresh and new.

I wish you guys have a very Merry Christmas, and an Exciting and Fulfilling New Year!

P.S. While we are talking about carols, which is your favourite?

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Thought I'd type this up now instead of waiting for the 25th...better early than belated! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


...and it is also that time of the year that I can't believe it's already almost Christmas and I'm wondering where the time has gone, and whether or not I really realize it's almost Christmas. And it's SNOWING outside!

As for the new year, I really don't want to think about it yet. Right now I'm trying to sort through how I've grown or IF I've grown in all areas of my life. And trying to figure out what I've learned this year, what were my highlights...

Now, how's that job going? Shoot me an email about that. :) And why would you quit choir?

I don't know about my favorite carol. I've just watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and I like Auld Lang Syne even though I can't really remember the words. What about God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen? I can't really think right now.

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Awesome, you have snow? I've never had a white Christmas, and I've only been to the snow once.

That's important, glad you are thinking about that stuff :)

Great! I will in the near future...
Quitting choir: Because (btw, my whole family does it, and mum is getting too tired with all the activities she has to run everyone around to) of my job, and also it's another expense to be paid. And I've been a year and a half at it, my family too. We need a break. But none of us want to quit, so it was a hard decision. I will probably go back to it oneday, since I do love singing, and this was a Gospel Choir, so it was heaps fun. :D

I've never heard that one. Well, I probably have (somewhere in my fifteen years), but I don't remember. I like WAY to many. At the moment, Away in a Manger is stuck in my head. I've got to sing it tonight for choir, anyway. Last performance for us :(

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How large is your family? My dad is one of thirteen siblings, and my mom has three brothers and one sister. It sounds like yours is fairly large, but whereabouts do you fit in? Are you one of the youngest cousins, or are you on the older side? Do you guys get together at any other time? Sorry about all the questions, but it makes me curious.

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@ Kestrel-Julie: Not as large as yours! On my mum's side, I am the oldest cousin. On my dad's side, I am one of the youngest (but they are all spread out in different places, so we hardly see them). On my mum's side, all the cousins are known as THE cousins, even though we all have others, when talking about THE cousins, we know which set it is. Quite funny, it is.
Yeah, I fit in sort of weird, actually. I am the oldest, but counted as an adult, but hey, I still peek at the name tags on the presents....or get a younger person to spy for, I'm not really that bad. I often help with prepping the salads, or see who can eat the most prawns between my uncle and I. The cousins live 4 hours away, so we only see each other about 2-3 times a year. This Christmas will be different, as we are not going up to see everyone because we are staying home, for the first time ever....we will wake up in our house on Christmas morning. Exciting!

@ Homey: Thanks for reading! Yeah, 2014 is definitely shaping up. And I have read your story, I just have to comment. Later. When I'm not meant to be doing school. :D

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Nice little essay-musing. :)

I was in choir, too, for a year or two. Can't remember, honestly. But I quit it, more because it was too young for me. We had a Christmas recital just last year! Usually I sing for voice or choir or something for Christmas, but I'm not this year, and it's actually nice just to be able to look forward to the holidays. :)

I always love Silent Night, and Angels We Have Heard On High, for whatever reason. LOL! Oh, and Auld Lang Syne as well.

It would be so strange for me to have Christmas during the summertime! Haha! Our Australian WW2 war bride friend told me about her Christmases when she was younger, and boxing day, so I'm slightly familiar with what you're talking about. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D 2014 is shaping up to be exciting, eh?