Chore Time Management

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The importance of finishing your chores before going to an afternoon activity, such as sport practise or music lessons, is a value that most parents would agree with and try to incorporate into their daily lives. The benefits of finishing chores before activities are avoiding tiredness, the frustration of others and learning the life skill of time management.

A person will have to exercise time management in order to complete his chores before practise. This is a life skill many people have to learn in some way or another, and parents might encourage their children to start with small responsibilities.

Many afternoon activities, especially sport, have the effect of tiredness on the participant. When upon coming home after an activity, is it highly unlikely the individual will feel like completing any jobs or chores. This mainly results in the chore not getting done, and furthermore results in conflict with family and frustration of family members.

When a chore does not get done, it often delays another job, or another person to complete a job. If a person is tired from an afternoon activity and procrastinates on doing their job, a family member or someone they live with might get confused or upset as to why the chore has not been accomplished. To avoid situations like this, the best alternative is to ensure all chores are done before leaving for the afternoon fun.

After reading the above reasons as to why finishing your chores before the next activity is important, I hope you can see the benefits and gains from doing so. You can avoid sticky situations like tiredness and conflict, and accomplish a life skill in the process!

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Very short essay I wrote on the importance of finishing your chores before any afternoon activities :) If you have any critique, I'd love to hear it.


I really needed that! I am one of the worst (or would it be proper to say best?) procrastinators in the history of the world. ;)

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