Kay Charles

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I fought the rain. It slashed at my bare arms and legs, water streaming down my head into my eyes, threatening my vision. When I felt I couldn’t fight it any longer, I saw The Fence. My legs felt like lead and my chest was aching, but I made myself run to the hole in the barbed wire. I dove through it and sunk under a near pine tree. I shivered in my wet clothes and tried to calm my breathing to a normal pace, although I suspect my heart was racing from more than just running.

Now, I am a fugitive. I lay my head against the wood of the tree, trying to stop the water droplets from my hair from trickling down my bare back. I caught a flash of lightening on the neighbouring hills...I hope it doesn’t come down here. I now know I will never be free. I thought I would, but now I see I can’t be, ever. I’ll always be running, hiding. I’ll never be free.

The rain is pouring down even harder.
The branches of my pine tree create a bit of a covering, but big drops of rain still hammer down on my head. They seem to get bigger and heavier every minute, even after the couple of hours I’ve been here. I have to stop writing, now, because the paper is getting saturated.
The lightening is getting closer.


Found on the body of Kay Charles, 9th of May, 1898, Glasgow

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*SQUEAL* I'm a monthly now!! I feel very honored ... I wrote this in the car while traveling last year...if you actually google the date and place I put in the story the results are quite interesting :) Enjoy!


AHHH! You're a MONTHLY!! I'm SO happy for you!! I've been hoping it would come soon! Now I don't have to wait as long to read your writings. :)

The descriptions are vivid, and just great.

PS I didn't find anything on Google.

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Yes, yay!
Oh, I am so sorry...for some reason I had the wrong date, and now I can't remember the original one. What I found when I googled the 9th of May (and some other year) I found that there was a lot of immigrants going from Glasgow because of some...war, maybe? I don't know, silly me! And now I can't remember the original year I had!

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Yay a for you, Maddi!!!!!!! I was just gonna email you and see how that was going. :) I'll still email you, though. :)

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I'm so happy to see you on the front page! :)
Oh, yes, and this piece was well written. Wonderful description; I feel as if I'm sitting next to the person.

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Thanks Mikki and Damari!
Thankyou, Arthur! I am VERY happy to be on the front page!

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I like this! It was very vivid and fast-paced. And CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you! :0)

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