Six Wonderful, Exciting Things

Submitted by Maddi on Tue, 08/26/2014 - 05:42

Well, well, hello there, friends! I have always thought that six is a wonderful number, and I have exciting things to express, so hence the title of this little ramble.

1. One thing that gets me really excited is smelling spring in the air, because that’s what it is—spring! Spring is here; ladies and gentleman, and I can just anticipate summer days spent getting tanned, swimming, and in general having fun. In the sun. Oh yes.

2. Number second is that I have just previously passed my anniversary of becoming an Apricot Pie member. Two years of being inspired have really added to my life and made a tremendous difference and I would still be writing silly little stories if it weren’t for all you lovely people.

3. It will be my birthday in almost a month, and of course birthdays are very exciting, so its mention made it to this list of wonderful exciting things.

4. Talking of birthdays, this year I will be turning a number that everyone calls sweet, special, etc. Etc. Personally I am looking forward to actually learning how to drive a motorized vehicle with four wheels used to carry people around. Very exciting. And scary. And probably quite terrifying by the time I’m sitting behind wheel yelling at my dad saying I forgot which one’s the brake.

5. I started refereeing basketball games! Well, not quite that, but I’m learning how to by “shadowing” another ref and becoming used to the game. It’s nerve racking! But eventually I will (fingers crossed) pick it up and actually get payed for hopefully becoming fit.

6. Oh dear, last one. This list could go on forever, I’m sure. I don’t really know what to pick out and say. Perhaps I’ll be really allusive and just say that this is a very exciting (and wonderful!) time of my life and new doors and opportunities are opening all the time. They really are. It’s so awesome to see God’s hands on my life and know that He is in total control of everything. Absolutely everything. It’s wonderful.

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Hey! I do apologise for being absent, with all these wonderful and exciting things in my life ;) So, comment and tell me: What's been happening in your lives?


Hey, I just now saw this. Yet ANOTHER reason you need to become a monthly writer so your stuff gets on the homepage. Because TWO YEARS. I broke down after one and pleaded to become a monthly. Thank goodness, they pushed it back a year, for which I'm glad. I didn't have nearly the experience I needed. :D But hey, now you're more than qualified. Quick, go and apply before we all start rioting on your behalf.

Joking, of course. Kind of. Not really. *cough*

Thanks for giving us a look into what's going on in your life! It's sounds very exciting. :) It's funny for me to read about you being excited for spring because, well, the same thing is happening over here to me--only with fall. I'm particularly looking forward to not swimming and drinking an overabundance of cider/hot chocolate/coffee, jeans, boots, scarves, eating fall-ish things, Halloween parties (that should be singular, actually, but I'll go ahead and pretend I'm more popular than I am), leaves, and not getting tan since I can't tan.

Ahhh! Best of luck with the motorized vehicles. I've driven all of three times since getting my permit exactly one year ago. I'm a wreck when I drive--I seriously dread it so much that I don't even feel like trying. (-_-) Okay, I'll stop. I sound discouraging. I'm sure you'll be great at it!

Keep us updated! eeee

Ahh, so lovely to get comments from you :)
Homey: Yes, well thanks for the encouragement. I do plan to apply shortly ;) and yeah, it is weird to be having opposite seasons to you guys.
Oh come on, you'll need more practise than that!! Where is your determination? I encourage you to try again ;) buuuutttt I do know how scary it is, so I don't really blame you.
Erin: Thanks for the comment! Haha yay, my birthday is the day after yours :D
Oooh, college sounds good. So does the modelling....not something I would do, but hey, $200 an hour ain't that bad!! And I love autumn too, but looking forward to spring atm :) good for you! Organising something like that :) Do you coach a football team? It seems funny because football season just ended :)

Kassady: Awesome sauce??! Can't say I've heard that one before. Sounds like some exciting things are happening in your life too!

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HAHAHAHA I just realized how I phrased that football thing! No, "my" football team is the our city's team. I just feel very connected to them because football is such a big deal here in Texas. I get very spirited (yelling at the TV, etc. lol)
And by football I mean American football, not soccer ;)

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Oh, yeah I thought you might have meant that, but I wasn't sure :)
Yes, I get spirited while watching football!! Or in any sport, in general I get pretty excited.

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Awesome stuff! What day is your birthday? Mine's the 27th of this month :0)
Well, let's see....
1.) I'm applying to colleges, and this time next year I'll be living with a roommate in a dorm away from home 0_0. Exciting and scary.
2.) IT'S ALMOST MAH BIRTHDAYYYY. Like I said, lol. I'm turning 18, which means I will be legally qualified to vote, buy spray paint, and talk on the cellphone while driving (which I don't plan on doing haha).
3.) It's also almost fall here! Which is AWESOME because I am sick of these 100 degree days.
4.) Football season's back and my boys won today!!! I'm still excited haha.
5.) I recently invited a few friends to go out (and I'm not usually the one who organizes these things), and it turned into this big get together with a bunch of people I hadn't seen a while and I realized that I'm awesome and people like me. It was nice, lol :)
6.) Decided I might try modeling. Worth a chance at making $200 an hour ;)

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Wow Maddi!!!! Sounds like a whole bunch of fun, I'm sure you're gonna have a blast! My sixteenth year will end in November, so I still have a few months, but gotta say it's been my busiest, craziest, most social but super fun year ever, and I wish the same for you because it's awesome :D
Good luck with driving (haven't even tried yet!)!!!
Let's see...
I've been cheerleading for my homeschool football team, being more social with my friends (trying), I've had a boyfriend and then had my very first break up (which was actually not dramatic or sad at all?)...
I've been to pool parties, sleepovers, etc. and that's pretty much it on my end!
You're gonna have to write a fall essay of how your summer goes :) hope it's wonderful <3 and hope you have lots of fun!

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Write On!

It's so funny that spring is coming to you right now. :) I love spring, but fall right is sort of like spring and so the cool breeze blowing all my homeschool papers out of my desk while I'm doing homework is nice. Speaking of two years on apricotpie, I remember when you were new and I read your page and I thought, hmm...this seems to be an interesting person! And then you had some things waiting to be published, and then you commented on my piano exam essay - Lots of Surprises essay which made me very happy. And now, two years later, you've been a good friend to me, especially through some of "those" times. :) I'm so glad you've been back even after that long disappearance and everyone was wondering where you were. ;) enjoy your summer, and your birthday - sweet sixteen!! And I'll shoot you an email when I have time.

Now, please write more of Not Perfect.

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Happy birthday, Maddi! I'm new on here, and I only know you a little bit through your work, but I like what I have read so far. I am 16, and I think I can honostly say that it has been the best year of my life. Not necessarily the happiest, but the most blessed. I think I have grown in the Lord more in this year than in all the rest of my life together. It is so amazing to learn more about God and what he has done for me.
Anyway, all this to say happy birthday, and may God bless you! May you grow in Him, and may your goal in life be to serve Him and Him alone in all you do.

Erin, where in Texas do you live (if you don't mind telling me)? I'm a Texan as well. I live near Austin, in the Burnet area.
God bless!

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

Well maybe someday we can meet up! We are probably a bit different in our homeschooledness (I just made up a new word!), but I think our personalities are pretty similar and being different is okay, if you can learn to see past the differences.
God bless!

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

1. The arrival of spring is always beautiful, but over here I'm waiting for the smell of the rain in the woods. And getting wet in the sun is always the best part of summer.

2. Yay! I always love reading your writing! I am totally looking forward to your next installment of Not Perfect.

3. Happy Birthday, Maddi!

4. I tend to get very nervous when I get behind the wheel, but it's usually a lot of fun when my mom and I erupt into laughter after every life-threatening situation I get us into. : P

5. Sounds amazing! I love watching sports, especially American football, basketball and soccer, but I'm really inept at anything but tennis. Even then, if I'm out of practice or warming up, the ball flies everywhere. My brother and I like to bat it around ruthlessly and shout "HOMERUN!" when it sails out of the court. Well, we used to. *ahem*

6. I know, being a teenager is so exciting! It's great to hear you're enjoying yourself through every adventure God takes you.

Happy birthday, keep writing, and God bless!

Megan: So nice to recieve a comment from you, my friend! And yes, please send me an email...looking forward to it :)
Ah haha...."more Not Perfect"? That made me laugh. Yes, it's coming.
Damaris Ann: Thanks! Nice to get a comment from you too. I'm looking forward to reading some of your stuff when it gets posted. I saw your comment and I would suggest writing an email to Arthur. He's probably busy. So don't worry, you're not doing anything wrong. :)
Hannah: Thankyou too. Sounds like there's a group of us here on AP that are enthusiastic sport-watcher's ;)

Thankyou all again. I've been in a very busy stage in my life, but I really should work on spending more time on here.

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh