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New electronic devices are exciting in any circumstance, but the purchasing of them require a shrewd eye and a certain process to ensure it works towards your advantage and the wellbeing of the product’s condition. The purpose of this essay is to provide the reader with a clear set of instructions to buy a new computer. The main point is to convey the idea that extensive planning is essential for maintaining the safe balance of your bank account, and ensuring the enjoyment of your purchase. The first step to accomplishing this is to complete a research on computers.

Conducting a thorough research on the extensive types of computers is advisory before making a purchase of any kind. You will need to acquire a clear understanding of the different functions of a computer, as this will make it easier when comparing prices between retail stores. An excellent way to go about this is to receive and be open to the advice of others who may have more knowledge in that area of technology. Reading reviews on the Internet may also be helpful if you are lacking information or knowledge in that field. By researching and having a thorough comprehension of the world of computers, you are enabling yourself to make a good decision on what brand of computer you are going to buy.

Deciding on what type or brand of computer may take some time, even months, to come to a decision. The specific need of which you are buying the computer for will influence the decision, along with other factors, such as your budget. The advantage of being mentally sure of what type of computer you want is the avoidance of possible confusion at the time of purchase in the store. Retailers can be very persuasive and confusing so it is advisory to have an astute decision made before going to purchase. Another option to learn more about the extensive types of computers is to visit different retail stores several times and converse with the staff there, who would be more than happy to talk to you about their different ranges. This is a great way to acquire information about computers effectively and inexpensively to cover a topic in which you need more knowledge. The decision will be made easier with the completion the first step: introducing and immersing yourself with knowledge on computers. When you come to a decision, it is then time to decide whether you can purchase the item outright, or will need to save up for the purchase.

Saving to buy the computer may also take some time, depending on the price of the computer and your weekly income. A good suggestion is to start saving even before the decision on what brand of computer is made, so that when the decision is final, there is already a sum of money saved in your bank account.
Unless the need for a new computer is a dire one, in a dire situation, there is no need to acquire a debt by borrowing the money to make the purchase immediately. If however, the situation calls for an immediate purchase, and you have the assets to borrow the money, do it with the assurance that you can repay it back quickly or in steady amounts. The next step in this process is to evaluate and assess the level of need in your life for financial secureness after a large purchase is made.

One important aspect of making a large purchase is ensuring your bank balance will not be run dry after the computer is bought. The stability of your bank balance is imperative to maintaining a definite financial position, and a sound mind. It is a good monetary move to save up more money that what the computer will cost, so that when you procure it you have allowed for any financial contingencies. This decision might prove to become a bit of a delay in the overall process of buying the computer, as you will be saving up more than the original price. Once you have the ideal amount of money saved up, you are then finally ready to carry out your purchase.

The next stage is the most rewarding of all of the stages. You have worked hard to save the money for the computer, and put in the effort of valuable research to assist your decision. Do not be fooled, although fun, this phase is still not an easy snap of the fingers. The next step towards attaining a brand new computer is completing the purchase, which is harder than it implies. By this time you have a clear idea of what computer you want, and enough money to have some left over. The first decision to be made in this side process is in what way will you shop for the computer, of which there are two options. The first option is to shop online. The second is to support the retail stores in your region, and purchase locally. The second is the most beneficial way as you have the chance to take advantage of face-to-face bargaining. The art to it now is to learn how to price match and obtain special deals. If you do not feel confident in this area, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a friend who may be more sales savvy than yourself. Several stores are willing to compete against each other in a price match. Going from store to store, and seeing who is more willing to lower their price to gain popularity, can be very advantageous and thus financially advisable, as well as supporting local businesses. After the sale is settled and the purchase is made, there is still one concluding segment to this process, and that is to carry out the checking method, used to ensure that everything with the computer is performing correctly.

Immediately after the purchase, there are precautions you must take for the security of your computer. Open up the box straight and confirm that all parts are included. Also, certify that everything is well and satisfactory with your new purchase. Checking for any failures or glitches is essential to the wellbeing of your electronic device; if there happens to be anything wrong with it, or it is not functioning properly, there is ample time to return it for a refund or fixture. To take advantage of any guarantees or warrantees, it is important to act as quickly as possible to make use of that advantage. If all is adequate with your purchase, the only thing left to do is enjoy it!

All these steps put together is to illustrate a process indispensable to the experience of buying a new computer. This essay has hopefully brought to the reader a new understanding on the significance of having a carefully thought out process on which to act upon during a purchasing procedure.
Overall, the purpose was to implement the importance and empower the reader to encompass good financial decisions when buying anything new.

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I'm going to do a through critique because I know I like it when others do the same. ;)
Introduction: perhaps it's not neccesary to state "the purpose of the essay" and "the main point". Just say it bluntly. "Extensive planning is essential for maintaining the safe balance...."it's a thesis statement. You can be bolder than you think because the next paragraphs will defend it.
1st paragraph: Love how you transitioned the introduction's last sentence with the next paragraph's 1st sentence! But, try to be concise. For example, the first two sentences you can cut it down to this: "Researching the extensive types of computers before purchasing is advisory for a few reasons. First, understanding the different functions of a computer will help to distinguish between a good or bad deal in retail stores." and so on.
2nd paragraph: Again you link the paragraphs! Yay! Here, maybe you could make the 2nd and 3rd sentences more clear. "After all, you will need to evaluate your budget and the tasks you plan to complete with your computer. Being mentally sure in your decision, you will not be confused when actually purchasing it from the store.
3rd paragraph: Clearly you are watching out for ways to link the paragraphs together!
You have worked hard to save the money for the computer, and put in the effort of valuable research to assist your decision. [However,] Do not be fooled[--]although fun, this phase is still not an easy snap of the fingers.
Conclusion: Same as introduction, just state it all out without saying "the purpose" etc.
As for content, this definitely showed how serious this purchase is! Great job! I know it must have been tough to write it. Did you write it to convince someone that you understood the seriousness and now ready to buy one for yourself? :) It doesn't sound like you to just pick it out of the blue like that!
And in the future, just watch and see how you can be concise and more active voice. (you can see that when ever you use am, is, are, was, etc.) I hope I gave some good examples. I hope I helped you, Maddi! Hope all it well. : )-Megan

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Hello my beautiful friend!
Thankyou SO much for putting in your time to this, I really did appreciate it.
Your praise for connecting paragraphs--thanks!! I worked hard on those :)

I wrote it because I found the topic while searching the internet for topics to write an essay on. I recently bought a laptop myself, so I thought I could write one with the knowledge I obtained from making that purchase :)

Thankyou! xx

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