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Submitted by Madeline on Sat, 04/25/2020 - 13:27

Hi friends,

So I have a very small announcement that I hope you don't mind my sharing here (it is writing-related and thus, I figure, pertains to you)!

In wake of the coronavirus crisis, I've created a literary and visual arts "newsletter" (what I'm calling it for now--hope to settle on a better word). It's more informal than a lit mag, and my goal is to fill it with beautiful, original work from people all over and to deliver it to email inboxes once a month. :) If any of you have work you'd like to submit--it does NOT need to be topical, in terms of the pandemic--I would love to see it!

A little excerpt from the website about the name/purpose of the lit newsletter:

"antonym: a word opposite in meaning to another

Antonym was founded as space for people to process, reflect, imagine, create, and express. Amidst the current global crisis, creativity and connection are more important than ever. Lives have been thrown into unprecedented upheaval. With antonym, we seek to hold space that is, by definition, the opposite of the disarray, disconnection, and fear we’re collectively experiencing across the globe.

Although this is a place to process these looming, heavy emotions, you may also to leave them behind if you wish; it is space for you to feel whatever you need to feel, in whatever way is best for you.

Above all, we hope to elevate, amplify, and preserve the voices of this crisis and bring awareness to the people on the frontlines. Although we’re beginning antonym as a simple newsletter, we hope that our vision develops alongside yours over time."

Direct submit link here

Direct subscribe link here

Thank you, friends! Hoping you all are safe and staying well.

- Madeline

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