Submitted by Madeline on Fri, 11/17/2017 - 14:05

I call him my azure-eyed
His thick metallic blood threads black ice
into my sleep
It's silver and it's priceless
and I'll wear it
as a ring
It fractures from my pillow
into cupid darts
of sleet
And come masticated morning he
melts opaque
at my feet.

I linger in the memory with each frigid breath I breathe.

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Oh, WOW, the rhyming and rhythm in this is PRISTINE. It's so obvious you write music because you have an ear for those two things. I completely crowed on the inside at the line breaks -- they really work, especially "as a ring", "of sleet", "at my feet". I was so excited by the way you wrote this. (The language itself is beautiful, too.)

This is great, Maddie! "I call him my azure-eyed/melatonin-induced/dream" caught my attention right off the bat! Love seeing posts from you!

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