Something Like Friendship - Update

Submitted by Madeline on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 20:34

Hey All!

So I posted the pitch for Something Like Friendship a month or so ago and it got some great feedback. I posted the first three chapters of the story a while ago. There were more, but I hadn't written any fiction in a long time prior to starting the story and so it kind of fizzled out.

Your encouragement and enthusiastic response made me want to write it again, so I scrapped everything and started anew. The characters and the plot is the same--it just needed some reworking, and hopefully I'll continue on with it.

I don't feel comfortable posting the story on AP as it doesn't really stay within the content guidelines (nothing outrageous, I promise, but I want to respect the rules). Instead I've posted it on a writing site called Wattpad.

There's the link if you'd like to read it! I'd advise everyone to read at their own risk and be the judge of what's appropriate for them (like I said--there's nothing that I consider to be out of line or immoral, but that differs from person to person).

Thank you if you read it! I don't recommend venturing just anywhere on Wattpad because the sites are not quite up to AP standards. ;) Basically anything goes on there. :O Which definitely makes me glad to have a site like this!

Again, thank you! I'll be posting there as I update it. If anyone feels linking to the story is a violation of the guidelines, let me know, and I'll take it down. :) Thank you.


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Yay! I'll definitely check it out when I get the chance! I loved that story ^_^

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I was thinking of doing something similar, Homey. :) Linking a blog, perhaps. I will check this out!

Thanks for the link! I went and read it, nice job!!

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