Thank you, James. Kassady. Erin, Maddi, little woman, Megan, Kyleigh, Sarah Bethany, Bridget, Sarah, Leinad K. Romethe, Arthur, Benjamin, Aalen Fideli....just everyone!

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*I'm thinking perhaps I should make this simple, short, and sweet but it's really difficult for me to do that and feel any sort of satisfaction. So here you are--my version of a grand THANK YOU essay/letter with a flourish!*

I'd been on ApricotPie all of six months when that essay popped up on the homepage. It was closing. Replies were varied--resignation, resilience that we must stay open at all costs. I was one of those in-betweeners. I didn't want it to shut down, but there wasn't really anything I could do except offer a halfhearted protest. I wasn't like some of the others, who had been on here for years and years--since its doors opened.

I completely agree. Although I respect Ben's decision, there has to be some way we can resolve this without the result of AP shutting down. Can't we do anything about it? There must be some way...

And then this:

My stomach literally dropped when I read that. This is so sad! Isn't there something we can do to keep this going? I understand you have to pay for something like this, but why don't we ask one of the people that have been on here for awhile to maybe start, I don't know, a free google group or something to continue it? This is unbelieveably sad. I've only been on here a few months, but Apricotpie has been so, so important to me. It's improved my writing emmensly and I've enjoyed so many other stories on here because of it.

I'd just hate to see something like this end...


I can't express how important AP has been to me. And if we can't continue something like this. thank you so much!

And that was my brilliant input. Sad smileys and all.

I always say how 'funny' things are when they change, but really I suppose it's natural. Now if I was to be told Apricot Pie was closing, my message would be drastically different. Somewhere along the lines of, "No! Please don't! I'll do anything! I'll take it over if I have to!"

If it had closed--and it's a scary thought now, knowing what I know--where would my writing have gone? I honestly can't imagine any growth at all. Not like it has.

I wouldn't have come to be ingrained in what I kind of consider our little group here on AP. And hopefully everyone's okay with me saying it. (That group being Me, Erin, Maddi, Kassady, and little woman...we all seem to comment on each others' things).

Then there are the wonderful people like Kyleigh, who I've debated with in the past (I probably should have just left it at...agree to disagree, haha, but my young heart wouldn't let me. ;) but still continue to comment on a lot of my things and cause me to jump around happily. There are so many people on here of so many backgrounds, with countless differences, but the one thing we all seem to have in common is acceptance for one another.

There's Megan (Lucy Anne), too, who commented on every single one of my Reaching Rachel chapters and offered critiques and really just encouraged me. Oh, and then there's Bridget, who read all the chapters of my horrid "It's Not That Simple" and commented and actually liked it, which must have been quite a feat. I get excited every time she posts, although now it's less often than it used to be. Plus Sarah, who pops on in here every once in a while and offers me a comment that leaves me smiling.

Sarah Bethany as well, who's writing never ceases to amaze me. She seems some much older than wiser than we are in her writing, and yet we get compliments from her. It's craziness. Her words are always encouraging!

Then we certainly can't forget the guys, who kind of surprise me every time they chime in on my stuff, because it seems so gender-specific to me. But they're open to reading all sorts of things, I suppose, so their comments are always nice to get. I'm talking about Leinad K. Romethe, Arthur, Benjamin, Aalen Fideli.

Then there are all the new people--Flying Past Clouds, Miaelé Rydar. You guys have already commented on some of my stuff and I've read yours. I can't wait to see what you have in store!

And then, of course, James. Who saved this site. And I thank you for that. Because honestly--where would I be??? I just don't know. And perhaps even scarier--where would all of you be? Maddi would have never joined! Lucy never would have! Erin would have never commented on my Alarming Amounts of Everything! I wouldn't have read little woman's awe-inspiring, relatable poetry!

What I'm saying is: Thank You. To everyone. To James. And especially to Kassady, who I've pretty much left out until now for the sole purpose of saying THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BEST FRIEND! Thank you for countless hours of fun! And thank you for recommending the site to me, because it's changed my writing forever. It connected us, certainly, through our writing.

I mean, what would have happened that day if you weren't googling Apricot Tarts and stumbled across this site?

What then?

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Ah...slightly emotional essay, I guess. :) Thank you all and if I left anyone out I really apologize and feel free to berate me because I didn't mean to.


Awh, so sweet :)

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I AM SO GLAD THAT JAMES SAVED THE SITE!!! This was a great essay... loved it!!! And practically relived the horror of AP closing in my mind (AH!)!
I love this site!!! AND YOU!!! Love your writing, and I totally agree! Without AP, I don't either of us could have gotten this far! I think you've benefited from AP more than me, since your writing is so FABULOUS!!!
Thank you for being my best friend!!!!

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I'm sure everyone was touched by this! I sometimes feel embarrassed that I'm so much older than almost everyone here - about ten years older, haha... So the "older" part is right... but not the "wiser" - everyone's writing on here touches me, inspires me, and amazes me. I was actually on AP the other day and felt like I had to stop reading, because I was going into feeling-moved-overload... you know, like that "queer ache" L.M. Montgomery wrote about when seeing beauty. You guys write SO much better, so much more honestly, than I did ten years ago....

I'm also so grateful to you, Erin, Maddi, and Kassady, too, because you guys almost constantly comment on my stuff... I always wait with baited breath, and there's nothing better than that Inbox (1) which tells me I have a comment on apricotpie!

And Megan - at my lowest points, I think sometimes my interest in Martje existed only because of your obsession with it, haha. I really need to start posting Part 2... I have enough material to start putting it all together.

Sweet! Yes, I am so glad AP is still running...everybody is so encouraging, and I just love the critique I get! Megan is an awesome editor, and I want to say thanks to Benjamin who ususlly comments on my serious school essays, and gives great feedback and critique. And to you Homey, (I don't think I'll ever be able to call you Maddie...) for commenting and encouraging, and Erin, Kassady...and little woman! I love your writing, by the way. :P
And I just love the culture here; like we're all from different parts of the world. I LOVE APRICOT PIE!! Thanks guys! :P

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I was reading this and I started freaking out...but thanks!
I actually read a lot of your stuff but I don't comment because I'm socially awkward and stuff heh
But it's really cool omg thanks
And yeah, without ApricotPie, I'm honestly really, really scared to think where I might've wound up. This site is my everything, to be honest, and it's amazing that it's become such a centripidal force in my life.
So there's my two cents/pence on the topic. *bows*

I can kind of relate, as I have known about this site for about forever since two of my sisters joined and haven't had a chance to until I got an email, but was eagerly anticipating when I might.
Yes, Leinad and Aalen(I know them personally) have also helped me out quite a lot, because they've been (sometimes unintentionally) refining my stories before I throw them at you guys. XD

insert something inspiring

Erin--Thank you! I know--I'm as sweet as sour candy. :P

Kassady--Pssh, please! YOUR writing is fabulous, my friend! Love ya!

Sarah Bethany--Oh, goodness! Thank you! Like I said--that's like getting a compliment from your favorite author! Haha. :D I can't really believe that we wrote better than you did, because you're just SO GOOD.

Maddi--You're welcome! Thank you, my Australian name-twin and fellow author! haha. :D

Flying Past Clouds--*gasp* A MENTION IN ONE OF FLYING PAST CLOUD'S COMMENTS? No seriously, it's an honor! I LOVE your writing! And yay! It makes me happy to even know you've read my writing.

Miaelé Rydar--Thank you for your comment! So glad you joined. :)

Awwww!! I get happy every time I come back here; you are all such amazing people and fantastically creative writers. I'm glad to know that my presence here means something. :) I'm in NaNoWriMo this year so maybe you will all see me a little more.

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This was great. Did I seriously comment on every single Reaching Rachel?? Really? :)

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