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Submitted by Madeline on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 13:51

As y'all know, The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award pitch-round has passed. I didn't make it to the second round. :) But that's okay! I don't really want to put "sadly, I didn't make it" because I'm not sad about it. There are so many opportunities for writers to get published, and that's just one of them.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your Reaching Rachel support! You guys are absolutely amazing. :)) I'm going to continue to seek publishing for RR, or maybe get it up on a few other sites, just to get some more people reading it.

Not quite sure if I'll re-post the edited version on here. That depends on whether or not I start sending queries. :) There are so many options, so that's great to have!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
-Homey :D

P.S. ABNA (abbreviation for the contest) is very iffy too, I've read. One guy said he's entered his book several times. One time it almost got all the way to the end. The second time it got cut somewhere after the excerpt round. And this time it got cut at the pitch round. Same book each time. So it all really depends on what judge you get, and what mood they're in, I guess. LOL! :)

So thanks, guys!

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I really hope you continue to seek publishing. I once heard of this site called inkpop.com, which has moved to figment.com - but basically you could post and read novels, and the most popular stories got read by professionals, and there were contests and things. Maybe that's something worth looking into?

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Hey, Anna! :)

Thank you. I definitely will. I'll check out that site right now.

At the moment I'm registered with Teen Ink--that's also a great site--and am going to be submitting the chapters there.

Thank you again for your encouragement! For the link to the site, as well.

-Homey :)))

Bummer. Well, I wish you all the best with other judges and publishers in the future. :) And I really enjoyed reading R.R. so thanks for writing it!!

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