Marlene E. Schuler

Favorite Word(s)
putrefaction, magical, leek, England, rot, time, quite, Edith
Who am I?

I deem to call myself a 'writer', but what exactly is a writer? Some would call us dreamers, while others think us to be powerful speakers that can change the world. My own opinion is that we are merely ordinary people, half-blessed, almost cursed with a terrible urge to write. It's inescapable, really.

When I started to write, I was nothing but a half-pint jotting down fantastical inspirations. As I recall, my first fantasy was about fairies, unicorns, Middle Earth, and enchanted diaries. Oyez. Thankfully, I've learned a lesson or two about originality along the way, so you won't be getting any of that.

However, since that fateful, hardly-finished 'Magic Diary' book, I've written quite a bit. In fact, quite a lot, and have hardly shared it with anyone. I guess I'm a bit of an ogress, hording my stories and locking my characters in the dungeons of my mind, hiding them from the world and greedily enjoying every minute of it. Oh, and my favorite authors are either dead, English, or Heather Dixon. And I am currently addicted to leeks. I think it is because of Henry V, or the fact that I'm slightly Welsh. I'm not sure.

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