Song of the Wren-Falcon Teaser

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"Come. Let us go sit somewhere comfortable, and I will tell you the story."
Baladan's brown eyes brightened. "About the person who gave you the necklace?"
Velkenar rested a hand on Baladan's head. "Yes, about that."


Orienne Seritan is a loyal Adelfian who wants nothing more than peace for her country and a life free from the darkness and violence of war. But when the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy entangles her life and the fates of those she loves with the destiny of an embittered traitor, she finds herself being dragged even deeper into the darkness.

Enemies are pouring over her nation's borders. People she loves are dying. The cryptic prophecy offers no clues as to who will be left standing at its end...nor does it disclose the magnitude of the role that Orienne is destined to play.

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My publisher asked me to write a teaser for the back cover of my novel. I didn't want to--I'm pretty sure I'm terrible at it--so I tried to get her to do it for me. She refused and said she would make the bad one I wrote good, she just wouldn't do the whole thing for me. So here's my attempt, the one I sent to her. If she changes anything, I'll be sure to post the updated (and I'm sure much better) version as well. And yes, that is the final, finished cover art you see as my profile pic, too!


That should make an awesome teaser. :) It has most definitely teased me. Sounds very intriguing!
God bless you!

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