Dreamless Sleep

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Regina sat on the couch as she watched her young daughter play dolls on the floor. As she watched, she drifted off into a dream. Oh it was a wonderful dream indeed. It was all she could have wished for in that moment: Killian was by her side and Christy was on her lap. Regina turned her head and stared at Killian just as he was staring at her. He took her hand into his and lead forward to kiss her on her cheek. She closed her eyes as she embraced this truly wonderful moment. Regina was snapped back into reality when Christy called her name. “Mommy?”
“Yes honey what is it?”
“What time is it?” Regina grabbed her phone right next to her.
“Um about 6. Want to go ahead and head up stairs?”
“Alright then pick up your toys.” Regina lifted herself off of her seat and began to walk toward the rusty stairs of their new house. “Come on Christy.” She turned around and grabbed her hand. “And up we go!” Step by step they made their way up the stairs and into a small dusty room. When Regina opened the door, there was only a desk, a chair and a computer that lay on top of the desk. “Okay.” She walked toward the chair. “Wanna sit on my lap?” Christy walked toward her mother.
“Okay.” Regina sat on the chair and lifted Christy on top of her. She then pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked at the time. “It’s about 5 minutes until 6. Wanna play a game while we wait for him to call?”
“Okay.” Christy said staring at the computer.
“What do you want to play?”
“I don’t know.”
“How about…” Regina looked around the room. “I Spy My Little Eye? That’s fun right?”
“I guess.”
“You go first.”
“I spy something…” She turned her head to look around the room. “Something...Green.” Regina looked around the room.
“Green...Green.” She muttered at she looked about. She spotted a green caterpillar. “Is it that caterpillar over there on the window seal?” Regina pointed over to the only window in the room.
“Yeah.” Christy nodded her head.
“That was a good one.”
“Your turn.”
“Okay...I spy something...Um…” Regina looked about the room. “Something teal.”
“What color is that?” Christy tried to turn to face Regina.
“Oh it’s like a grayish kind of blue. Like a mix.”
“Oh.” Christy looked at a wall. “That piece of paint?”
“Yep you’re good at this.”
“Thanks. What time is it?” Regina looked at her phone again.
“Two minutes past six.”
“He’s late.”
“I know sweetheart, but he will call.” Regina wrapped her arms around Christy. “He wouldn’t miss a chance at seeing his adorable girl. I can tell ya that.” Christy giggled. Regina released on arm to lift the computer’s screen. “Well nothing yet. Want to play something else?”
“No not really. I’m tired.”
“Oh okay.” Regina placed her head on top of Christy’s. She began to hum a lullaby. It was had simple tune but yet it spoke to your heart when it was sung. Just as she was finished the computer’s screen turned bright blue. “Oh looks like he’s calling. What did I tell you?” A name appeared on the glowing screen: “Killian Lane” Regina reached out her arm and clicked on it. As soon as she did so, a man’s face appeared. He had dark brown hair, green eyes, and cheekbones.
“Daddy!” Christy screamed as she jumped up and down on her mother’s lap.
“Hey pumpkin! How are my two beautiful ladies in the world?”
“Great! How are you honey?” Regina asked tears began to fill her eyes.
“Oh as usual, training newcomers isn’t as easy as it sounds in the army.”
“Oh well I’m sure you doing a great job.”
“Yeah? Well tell that to the General.”
“I just might if it puts a great report on you.” Regina laughed as tears ran down her face. “Any idea when you might be coming back home?”
“Ginny, you know I can’t tell. The war has just started.”
“I...I know. I just miss you. We both do.” She whipped a tear from her face.
“I miss you too.”
“If you need anything just let me know. I will do anything just let me…” Killian interrupted.
“Yeah I know sweety. Okay I’ve got to go know I’ll see talk to you later okay? Next week at the same time okay?”
“Okay. We’ll be here! I...I love you Killian. I love you so much!”
“I love you too Ginny. Bye Christy!”
“Bye Daddy!” The screen went black. Regina stared at it hoping would call again. It felt like her heart was being slowly torn out of her chest. She blinked the remaining tears out of her eyes and then whipped them off with her sleeve.
“Okay pumpkin let’s go down stairs and find something to eat okay?” Regina lifted her off of her lap and stood up from the chair. “What do you feel like having tonight?”
Christy began walking out of the room. “Chicken nuggets?”
“As you wish.” Regina walked to the door and stopped. She turned at the computer. “I love you.” She whispered quietly, and then walked out of the room and closed the door.

Chapter 1
Regina stood in a camp in the middle of the Sahara Desert. She stared at the tent in front of her. Hesitant to go in, she took a step toward it; turned around to walk away but stopped. She turned toward the tent. She took in a deep breath and walked in. “Hey.” She said as she entered.
“Hey.” A man said. He had German accent and was well built and tall. Brown short hair and bright blue eyes. “What are you doing here?” He turned to face her.
“I came to apologize. I-” He cut her off.
“Yeah a little too late for that sweetheart.” He walked past her and out of the tent. She followed him.
“Come on Marshall, you would’ve done the same!”
“No I wouldn’t have!” He stopped and turned to her. “What you did ruined our whole mission! We lost our entire fleet that was sent with us!”
“And what if I hadn’t? Huh? What would have happened? The rest of us would have died and wouldn’t have gotten the job done. I did what was needed to be done.”
“Listen, Regina, what you did was brave; but it was also stupid.” He turned and started walking away.
“Yeah.” Regina muttered as she watched him walk away. “Do your orders Regina.” She did in a mocking voice. “Don’t try and be a hero Regina.” She turned around and began to walk toward her own tent. When she entered she was greeted by a tall German man dressed in a General suit. She immediately saluted. “General Vile Sir!”
“At ease Atlas.” General Vile said. Regina took her hand down. “I hear you uh disobeyed orders in order to save the mission you were sent on?”
“Yes sir. Please forgive me sir.”
“No need.” He walked toward her. “What you did showed bravery in my book, not eh, Stupidity, I believe was the word Captain Muller used just a few minutes ago.”
“General, I am responsible for the men lost in this war. Am I not?”
“No of course you are. But in order to win, lives must be lost.”
“Yes sir.”
“Now that was your…” He opened a small book in his hand and looked inside. “Your first mission was it not?”
“It was sir.” The General closed the book.
“Well then how do you think you did?” Regina stood there. She was shocked that this conversation was even happening.
“Well uh sir, I don’t know. On a scale of 1-10 I sup…”
“No that is not what I mean.” Regina stared into the depths of his eyes.
“I...I think I did well. If I see a situation where I need to act different from my orders, I won’t hesitate.” The man seemed satisfied with her answer.
“Very good. You’ll do perfectly then.” He snapped his book shut and began to walk to the curtain of the tent. Regina turned, a little confused.
“Sorry sir, for what?” The general stopped at the door. He slowly turned towards her.
“Well, since you ask I suppose I should inform you.” He walked away from the door and sat down in a wooden chair next to a table. “I have a mission for you. Just you no one else.” Regina starred not knowing how to react. General Vile then gestured toward the chair across from him. “Please sit. I will explain further.” She walked over to him and sat down across from him.
“What kind of mission is this?” She asked.
“One that will save the war.” A smirk formed on his face.

Author's age when written

This is a work and progress sort of thing. Started out as a school paper and got carried away with it. Tell me anything I need to fix inside it so far and tell what you think of the plot!


Not too bad! I would like some detail about what happened between the prologue and chapter one, because I don’t quite understand what is going on in chapter one, though it seems intriguing. I am curious about that last statement. “One that will save the war?” What does he mean ‘save the war?’
I think this has some pretty good potential. Nice job!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

I don't know about the plot, yet, but I'm interested to find out what happens next. As to anything you might want to fix, only one thing popped out to me as...repetitive?
"Regina sat on the couch as she watched her young daughter play dolls on the floor. As she watched, she drifted off into a dream."
Here, you wrote "as she watched" in the middle of the first sentence, and "As she watched" at the beginning of the next. I was wondering if it might be more effective to either combine the two sentences or change the wording sometime? I'm not necessarily sure if that's the best, but I hope that's helpful.
Also, welcome to ApricotPie! It's great to have you on here!