You and I

Submitted by Mica Irjo on Sat, 04/08/2017 - 00:02

In my dreams, I race very fast,
In my dreams, I flee from my past.
In my dreams, towards the future I run
In my dreams, we’ve only just begun.

Of every soul I’ve ever met,
You are my favorite, as of yet.
And even now when you are gone,
My love for you goes on and on.

And after all these years, my friend of old,
You still have that heart, made of gold.
And after all these years that we’ve been bound,
I realize my heart had been lost, then found.

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A little poem I wrote about someone dear to me.


So glad you joined! As I had said before, this poem is just so well done and it really resounds through me. The simple beat has this nostalgic feel, if you get me (and you may know you're like the only one who does), and the words are so beautiful.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, friend!

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