michelle leese

Favorite Word(s)
chuckle, mississippi,lululemon
Who am I?

i am michelle leese I am 13 years old. I've got longish brown hair green eyes and a pretty smile. I love writing peoms songs and stories!  I am a roman cotholic and have a strong faith. i love writing! all though i haven't done it for a long time. i love writing mostly poems but i also love writing stories of adventure!!! i love the writer Gail Carson Levine she writes amazing fairy tales. oh and by the way i live in ON, canada one of the best places to live! (to me any way) :P

i havn't been writing for a very long long time. i looove making up songs and rocking them in the shower ;P i love music and drawing (sadly im not very good) i also love animals! i have 1 dog named lily (girl) and a cat named milzy (boy) hmm what else do i love? i love god, well duh! i love shoping and dirt bike riding. i love camping and travling too, i have 3 brothers and no sisters :(

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