Those words from that person

Submitted by Mikaela Grace on Mon, 07/14/2014 - 02:25

The deep meaningless within me made life seem like there was nothing left to live for, I felt like all the past events were worthless too, like they didn't matter, and that the future had no value, no place to be, no one to be…meaningless. The feeling made me want to go to bed and never wake up, what was there to wake up for? The motivation for all work and commitments all seemed lost, the love for things…gone. I didn't know what to do with myself. What was there to do? No one loved me, no one ever asked, how are you, or what are you up to? No one cared about that, and now I didn't either. I stood there, numb to the spot, I wasn't sure if I would ever move, because, why? Why would I move? Someone approached me, I didn’t look up, all I knew was that someone approached me. They walked right up to me, and then they whispered something in my ear. The words whispered in my ear filled my heart with joy, and my life with worth. I suddenly felt a need to live, and a reason too. I smiled at the person, that person smiled back, then that person was gone. I didn't feel suddenly deserted, I didn’t feel empty either. After that everything changed. And know days, a lot of people tell me they have never seen a person so very happy before, so bright and so full of life. You are probably wondering what that person said to me? I’ll tell you, it was very short, but the words were rich with meaning, and they were everything to me, those words were, “God loves you”

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This piece is really, really good and I am surprised that you actually wrote it :)
It's got a great message and will have a powerful impact on people.
I think the first sentence could have been broken up into two sentences, but other than that, great job!!


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