Submitted by Nikki on Tue, 08/09/2005 - 07:00

the tree watches sadly,
a hundred years
of what we might have become.
Every day he sighs,
while roots struggle
through cracks in the pavement.
Each day is a torment
that nobody hears,
lost in sirens and
unearthly noise.
Each day they all smile,
trapped behind bars
in a fortress of stone
and of fear.
The city teems every night
in unholy light
and traffic throbs
in the veins of progress.
One day,
the volcano may erupt,
and chained souls will cry out in rage.
One day,
the foundations may crumble,
and the years will come crashing down.
One day humanity
may rattle its cage.
One day,
the tree will fall.

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