The Silverfish Letter

Submitted by Noah J. on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 15:10

Dear Reader, it has come to my attention that there remains a small beast unrecognized for its unique addition to this good world our Creator has made. Such a beast, no matter how small or hideous, reflects worthy characteristics of its Maker. This creature is none other than the Silverfish. Popularly called the Pincher Bug, this six legged insect surprisingly bears no distinct, exterior features to warrant its name. It is neither silver, nor a fish.

This hideous looking pest is well-designed and cleverly wrought by the Maker. Its black head with long antennae protrude from a golden abdomen. Its smooth black body is fitted with firm protective plates as a Medieval Knight would cover himself on the eve of battle. While not strong to humans, who could easily squash the critter with a single blow of a shoe, the plates act as an outer defense for the creature. Such a shield is elegantly designed by The Father who, protecting his children with immense care and love, provides security for even the smallest of insects.

The Silverfish scavenges under dead leaves, in soft soil, and generally under shady trees or the darkness of any crevice. It loves the dark. And if you, as I have on a number of occasions, attempt to remove the roof of dead leaves above its head to let the light shine upon it, the Silverfish will, out of fear of light (or more likely, a fear of you) scramble to the shade of another leaf or hole. The Pincher Bug does not care if it goes unseen, preferring to live a peaceful life away from the spotlight. How we could learn from such actions. Instead of living for the popularity of the spotlight and the reward of men’s approbation, what if men chose to serve their world in a place unseen? If so, we would live with the humility of a Silverfish.

Finally, such creatures are rarely alone. Traveling and living in large numbers, each has a pair of nasty pinchers as a tail for self-defense (hence they are termed Pincher Bugs). Yet, they do not form ranks or march in single file to war. They are not fighters, but scavengers living extraordinary lives in large numbers. If you find one and wish to kill it (which I hope—after this discourse—such a thought would never enter your mind), you would possibly have to kill his companion nearby. This ought to teach us to keep company with friends and family more regularly than we may do. As the wise king Solomon once said, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).
Many people see the Silverfish as unattractive and ugly, but, this is simply false. The insect exposes God’s clever ingenuity, reveals His protection of creation, and acts as a reminder for us to live humble lives in godly fellowship. Next time you observe the Silverfish, remember this account.

Noah J.

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I wrote this for school last year. The assignment was to write a fun little excerpt attempting to mimic the essence of Jonathan Edwards "Spider Letter" (which was a very good letter—far more eloquent and intriguing than this letter).


Oooh, very well done! Haha I don't think I've really been one to want to kill bugs for the sake of killing them, but this makes me even less inclined to do so! I enjoy the way you write very much. I think it reminds me of the kind of things my older brother would write.

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