Snow White in Bible Style, chap. one & the Story of Mr. Shorty and the Tall man

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Chapter One


  1. And in the reign of Solomon, King of Israel, was born unto him a daughter.

  2. And she was called, Snow White, for her charm and beauty.

  3. And Solomon had an wife of great beauty whose name was Cinderella, and she did bear Snow White unto Solomon.

  4. Now, in the fourth year of the reign of Solomon, did Cinderella fall ill, and she wast upon her bed unto the fifth year of his reign.

  5. And in the fifth year of his reign, she gave up the ghost.

  6. And Solomon lifted up his voice, and wept.

  7. And Solomon did take unto wife, Martha. The daughter of Kish, the Benjamite.

  8. And Martha's countenance was fair, yet, she envied Snow White. For, was not Snow White fairer than she?

  9. And in her heart, Martha wrought evil against her, and sought to kill her.

  10. And when Solomon was at war with the Philistines, she called unto her, Caleb, the son of Gera.

  11. And said unto him, Thou seest and knowest how I despise Snow Whites beauty, and charity. See to it that she die, take her into the woods at even, and thou must kill her!

  12. And Caleb, being a righteous man, told Snow White all that Martha had said unto him.

  13. And she wept aloud, and entreated him to not kill her.

  14. And he led her into the woods, and bid her run, and she did run.

  15. And Snow White was sore afraid, and wept, for it was dark and lonely.




    A/N: This is based off of a song sang by Marty Robins (I think...the song is called Mr. Shorty. I just used my imagination for this story, and made up and filled in the gaps for the song. BTW, first Western I've ever attempted :D)


    In the Texas town of El Paso, there lived a man named Mr. Shorty. He was quite a short man, and was also quite a trouble maker. Shorty was one day at the bar, when a tall, broad shouldered man came in. He was around twenty years old, and wore two six shooters. Shorty, also, had a two six shooters on his hips. When the tall man came in, he went up to the counter and ordered a beer. He glanced over at Shorty and said, “Hello, Shorty!” Shorty got angry and said, “When you call me Shorty, call me friend. [insert smart alick voice] Or, maybe you'd rather be dead.” The tall man stepped back with surprise, and then he laughed. “Shorty, no one is 'Mister' to me little, friend.” And with that, he reached for the gun on his hip. But the little man's hand was like lighting, and he pulled his out faster and shot the tall man down. Then he walked out of the bar......


    Another Authors note: This is set in the old west, so....yeah..


    Funny thing: Mr. Shorty is standing trial...:D

Author's age when written


Where it says '16' by Authors note, it is because for some reason, when I pressed enter to copy that sort story in, it put '16' there. So, thats why :P

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Like the Snow White Story and how you made it that she's Cinderalla's daughter...:D That was interesting.

The Western Story...I had to read it twice to get the effect. It was sorta funny when the man was telling him to not call him Mr. Shorty. Huh. Interesting name. Very weird and abrupt ending though. Might I suggest that when you have a different person speaking, you have to make another paragrah. :)

Both of them are good though, but I think I like the Show White better. :)

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You know what? Sarah didn't make up that story! if you've ever heard of Marty Robbins, you'll know who I'm talking about, but its a song he sang, a little differant, but Sarah was just doing the detailed parts, like the parts that actually matter, sorta, I guess. Maybe adding a bit to it, though. Marty Robbins I think wrote it. :D

Hannah, that was a wee bit random, didn't I say that already? Whatever.....:P

OH, Btw, why did you not say anything about the story...?

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths

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Your a nut, Sarah! also, when you made Shorty say 'when you call me Shorty, say mister, my friend [insert smart aleck tone] or maybe you'd rather be dead', you should have done it more like 'When you call me Shorty, say mister, my friend," (insert smart aleck tone.) "Or maybe you'd rather be dead.'