The Ides of March (Calphurnia)

Submitted by Sarah B. on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 22:09

(I wrote this a while ago while reading Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," and I just found it again. It's from Calphurnia's point of view - Caesar's wife.)

I hear a shouting in the steets:
"Liberty!" they cry. "Tyranny's dead!"
Their robes are torn and crimson-stained;
The Senate floor's awash with red.

You have torn me from my lover -
Take me then, and reunite!
There's no better day to die;
I dreamed of death the other night.

The others cry, they shout for vengence.
What care I for revenge today?
The Tiber has overflowed it's banks,
And lo! a mountain's been swept away.

How can it be that all your glories
Could be cut away with one slash of a knife?
How could all that you are be contained
In so small and fragile a vessel as life?

O gods! what fearful clamorings
Now whirl around my head!
So take me, free me, liberate me!
I'm Caesar's wife, and Caesar's dead.

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