Sarah Bethany

Who am I?

I'm 28-years old, with a bachelor's in literature. I'm currently applying for an MFA in Creative Writing.

I went the hermit route first, though. (Why can't I get paragraph breaks to work in this blurb?) Five years ago, I decided to make writing the center of my world. Since then I have lived in three different countries, written three novels, and a smattering of novelettes. I am quirky and self-directed, and I tip my hat to my homeschooling years for bolstering those traits (and I also forgive homeschooling for my denim jumper phase and my low math score on the SATs).

For five years I roamed as a gypsy, house-sitting, gardening, and teaching English to pay my way. (You can read "Saying 'Yes' to Myself and Writing Full-Time" for the longer version.) I lived by myself in a castle in Wexford for ten months, reputed to be haunted by the daughter of an 18th century colonel, who would sit in her nightdress on the bridge under a full moon. In the same vein, I kept a wood stove going in a haunted brick house in the mountains of Massachusetts, with a very grisly history (which thankfully the house owner did not tell me until the end of the my house-sitting stint). I lived on a llama farm. In an orange mansion in Ireland. In the gold mining area of Spain. All sorts of magical and odd spots.

My fellow APers --I am inspired every single time I come on here and read your work. It spans every range of writing: the colorful, sensitive, raw, comedic, inspiring, honest, sympathetic. I leave feeling warm, like I've eaten a big gooey slice of community pie. *sigh*

But, really, guys: I would never have the confidence I have as a writer if it weren't for the critiques and compliments I've received. My goal is to be eventually published, and when I reach it, it will be majorly in part because of Love to you all.

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