Sarah L

Favorite Word(s)
ostracized, snerk, superfluous, maudlin, wimble, ethereal, dominie, aborning, merds, somnambulator, lambent, nascent
Who am I?

My name is Sarah Corinne. Right now I am living in the Middle East which has just been one whole adventure. I'm currently 16, and so far this year has been the hardest and coolest of my life. My main ambition is to go and do where and what God leads me to...and be full of faith for it. I love writing because I think there are things and ideas that I have that need to be let out and preferrably shared with others. Thanks apricotpie! I think homeschooling me is the best choice my parents ever made and I believe I just might be the most blessed girl around! I want to live a life of gratitude to my Savior. Besides other things, I really like to cook. Not everything turns out right, but I love poor family. Next on my list would be dancing, or maybe that should come very first. Ballet to be specific. I've officially danced for 9 years and I still stink so I only dance when I am alone. Next, I love making things. I guess you could say I keep trash and then try to make it into something amazing. Some random notes: I love coffee, flowers, making memories, pictures, laughing, friends and learning things. I'd like to call myself that kind of person that always has a random cool fact to share, but I am working up towards that. I'm a country southern girl at heart and a diehard football fan. Those are my roots and I still love the sunny fields of Virginia where I grew up. I can take care of chickens but I still like to shop at the mall, which is a healthy balance I think. So, that's me in a nutshell.