Will You Save Me?

Submitted by Sarah Liz on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 01:55

here i am, Lord, hear my plea
broken deeply, never free
lacking strength to even come
hither to Thy throne above.

wretched sinner, such as i
will you take me, here, tonight
save a sinner, mend a soul
will You make my shattered whole?

splintering my hardened heart
splitting shackles clean apart
cleansing my will to be Thine,
will You rest a wearied mind?

will You turn this life around
hell to heaven, skies from ground
turning night to brightest Day
will you lift me, now, today?

will You take my righteousness
rags in Your true Holiness
clothe me in Christ’s perfect life
cover me with sacrifice?

will you break me, make me stand
wholly on Thy steady hand
fleeing all this world holds dear:
will you save me, now and here?

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The darker I see my sin, the sweeter I see Christ's salvation. I believe I see the greatness of salvation more and more every day, as I realize what Christ had to endure to give it to us. This poem, while patterned after a prayer for salvation, was also inspired by the daily battle against sin that every believer in Christ faces daily. "O, who shall save me from the body of this death!" Praise be to God that our past, present, and future is washed white in the blood of Calvary's Lamb!


Oh my word!! This is so good. Beautiful. You should put it to music, dear. :) what a great and merciful God we serve. He is greatly to be praised.

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