Submitted by Sarah on Thu, 12/20/2007 - 21:25

Sitting in the sanctuary,
I close my eyes;
Anticipating the rush of song,
that is sure to come.
Right on cue,
The choir starts singing.
My skin tingles as a soprano
soars up to an exceptionally high note,
And as a bass,
goes so low;
The room seems to vibrate.
Estatic, I lean back futher, half asleep.
I am suddenly jolted from my reverie by the
sound of thuderous applause.
The concert is over.
I struggle to my feet clumsily,
Joining into the clapping.
Single-file we leave the church, each lost
in our own thoughts,
Each stirred by the beautiful songs.

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Hi just wanted you to see this thingy its really cool everyone! after u watch whoever comes on, you can put your face in it! its cool!

The Truth will set you free.

Well, well, well! I love it!

That was really awesometistic!

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