Favorite Word(s)
Catholic, knight, protective, colour, culture, beauty, patience
Who am I?


I believe you should never just 'like' things in life. You should *love* them. Especially important things. 
I *love* cooking; it's my life. I *love* culture; I want to tirelessly promote and encourage it. I *love* beauty, especially nature's beauty, in all its forms, and I will never stop looking for it and sharing it. 
Consequently, I don't only *like* writing, I *love* it. 

Cooking and writing are my two great tools, outlets, through which I may passionately convey something that strikes me as truly worthwhile.

When before on Apricotpie, I wanted to post something, anything, so I was posting pulp fiction which had no true storyline. Well, that's over. I'll only publish what I believe to be quality. Just like I love gourmet food, and would never purposely make junk food for anyone to eat. It's all the same thing.

I am, of course, Catholic, and am passionately so. Life is about total submission to God's Will. My number one goal is to reach Heaven and promote the Reign of Christ the King on earth until I get there, spreading and encouraging beauty, culture and His Love, through the Blessed Mother.

I was born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia, spent a year in Europe and have been living in the US since 2005.

I believe whole-heartedly in true Chivalry (capital 'C', not the poetry-pansy version) and in what I call "Staunch Catholicism": being not only and inward, but an outward Catholic, dressing and acting Catholic and being unafraid to do so.
I also hold fast that men should be 'Men', nothing like the emotional wimps we see too much of today. Lead and fight for what's right, protect and serve the ladies giving them every respect, and devote yourself to assisting *others*.

I believe in living life to the fullest, CARPE DIEM!, and recollecting that death could be right around the corner, so be prepared NOW and then live life the best way! Don't wait for the last moment to decide to change your life; do it now.
I love the simple quote/prayer which states we need to start reforming now, not tomorrow: "Yesterday for me, today for Thee."

I love reading good books and hopefully writing good ones too!
I have a passion for beauty, art, music (I abhor rock, rap or anything remotely related to a 'beat'), and God and family come first before anything. 

If you want a little look at the stuff I like to cook, I put some up on a blog I started. I really want to get back with the blog, but I have other priorities to maintain.

But I LOVE writing stories! I hope to post many excerpts and such in upcoming time.

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