The Dragonriders War

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Kindle the flame,
Spark the fight.
Spread the wings
Of darkest night.
Tooth and claw,
Scaly might.
Swirled together,
Dark and light.

Sinuous strength,
Ice and fire.
Silent as death,
Beware his ire.
Come the flame,
Come times dire.
This black giant
Is the crier

Eyes of gold,
Spine-tipped tail.
As black as night
Is every scale.
Great broad wings
and blackest mail.
A shift of pinions
Creates a gale.

A crown of spines
Atop his head.
Among the crags,
He makes his bed.
Withe claws like knives,
The dragons he led.
Of all armies,
He flew ahead.

There came a man,
Wise and strong.
Among mankind,
He did not belong.
Climbed up Mount Pyre,
Grueling and long.
And found this king
Among his throng.

This man, he was
King of a band.
Rejected by men,
They wandered the land.
Brave and strong,
The Lords of Mount Strand.
Before the Dragon Council,
They alone could stand.

This band, led
By the man,(named Berd)
Braved the Council
With their message heard.
Bonded with dragons,
And brave Berd
Was joined with Great
Morath, Dragons' Lord.

The dragonriders,
Soaring high,
Dipping and weaving
In the sky,
Fought the kingdom
Of cruelty, nigh
Till that land
Was of cruelty dry

Brave and strong.
Keep the peace
And sound the gong
When evil comes
Again to the throng.
Now defend the light
All your life long.



This is reallllllllllllllllllly good! I especially love the first four verses.

Welcome to ApricotPie! I'm so happy that you're here, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

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When you told me you wrote poetry, I never expected something as amazing as this! This is so Great!
Welcome! Can't wait to see more from you!

So good to have you here!
This was gorgeous storytelling and I loved seeing it in my mind's eye. Very entertaining and satisfying.
Can't wait to see more of your writing and welcome again!
P.S. your profile image is amazing ;)

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