Mountain King

Submitted by SURPRISINGPERSON on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 00:22

Blue mist, evergreen trees;
A tower of rock-brown and green.
Twin peaks, wreathed in clouds
Crown the stately mountain king.
No barren slopes will you see here,
On the ruler clothed in green.
He is great and unreachable,
No logger has come to glean.

The mighty lord is a shelter
For animals great and small;
A resting place so safe,
Lies on it's slopes so tall.
No human has climbed this mountain,
It's forests form a wall.
A peaceful hiding place
To avoid the winter's squall.

His land is rich and fertile,
His slopes are thick with trees.
Even in mid-winter
Great oaks hold off the freeze.
Spires of spiky green are softened
By maples swaying in the breeze.
His peaks are so high,
You can even glimpse blue seas.

Unreachable, unclimbable,
Aloof and fiercely proud;
The king of mighty mountains
Crowned with a brilliant cloud.


I climbed more than halfway up Mt. Rainier once, and it struck me that there is QUITE a bit of crossover between Jesus and mountains.