The Érenyel

The Érenyel: Part 11 (The Wrong Choice)

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Light and darkness had struggled for dominion over Vúnyeðel, and darkness prevailed.  During all this time of his struggling, Vúnyeðel had not turned to Áronyeh for wisdom.  After his parents’ fall, he had set aside his orlôav in grief, taking it back up on occasion but usually leaving it on his bed.  It had become uncomfortable as his thoughts had turned gloomily to Arah’s destruction.  So far had his mind parted from it, that the thought of carrying it with him to talk to the tree had not even occurred to him.  And as he had left the stone, the stone left him and did not

The Érenyel: Part 10 (Vúnyeðel's Choice)

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Kindred was separated from kindred, and although Vúnyeðel found comfort in Shereynah his wife, he missed his brother Durfil who had left in pursuit of Ordéash.  He worried for him as well, and feared what might befall him.  He decided to set out after him, taking Shereynah with him.  After making another boat, they sailed to all the islands that he and Durfil had explored years before, and found traces of his passing: places where he had beached his boat, and footprints where he had walked.  They also found evidence of the passing of another being: rocks broken in h

The Érenyel: Part 9 (Judgment)

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Just then, Vúnyeðel and Shereynah, Durfil, Qeylen and Rhonnah returned, having made haste to come and tell their parents of the deceiver.  And when they beheld their parents, they said, “What have you done?  Surely you have not given your stones to this false one, of whom we were warned?”  And they wept. 

Many words passed between the parents and their children, which are recorded in The Generations of Rayôn.  The parents remained obstinate in their deed in the presence of their children, and Ordéash boasted of his victory. 

The Érenyel: Part 8 (Ordéash)

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In the Oracle of Qeylen, and the truth revealed to him by the Captain of the Hosts of Áronyeh, before he departed across the sea, it is written:

Hear, O Rayôn, these words,
And listen, you his sons, to the truth:
Repent! And turn to the light.
Find wisdom herein, and forsake the darkness.
Do not heed the words of deceit,
Nor follow the counsels of the twisted one.

The Érenyel: Part 7 (The Orlôaven)

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Honed was Durfil’s skill in shaping stone, and with utmost care he shaped the clear crystals which he had found in the pool of Shêvannah. Every stroke, every file, every cut he made with precision. One he made each day, and on the seventh day, he presented them to Áronyeh: seven perfect gems, each the color of the sky. Áronyeh then gave one gem to each of them: to Rayôn and to Qeyrah his wife; to Vúnyeðel and to Shereynah his wife; to Durfil, to Qeylen, and to Rhonnah, though she was still an infant in her mother’s arms.

The Érenyel: Part 4 (The Sea)

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Ever while his family grew, Rayôn would take his wife and children exploring, out from their vale home and into the surrounding valleys and beyond.  To the South and the West, the land stretched ever on, beckoning to them to discover its secrets.  And so they went down the rivers; they walked in the forests; they climbed up the hills and they danced in the meadows.  Every place was unique; everywhere they went they found a new type of tree, a new kind of flower; more varieties of birds flew amid the trees, and beasts they had never met before walked up to them.  And still t

The Érenyel: Part 2 (The Vale)

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Cool evenings and warm mornings followed upon each other. Rayôn and Qeyrah settled in the vale where Áronyeh had created and awoken them, and ruled over the land as their Creator had instructed them. The man and his wife watched the sun and the moon rise on one side of the land, and set on the other side. They named the place where it rose “East,” and the place where it set “West.” They named the North and the South as well.