The Prince Who Went Searching for True Love- Chapters 7 & 8

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 Chapter Seven

Finding his True Love


The prince finally got out of his boat at the shore. He saw the beautiful palace. He went to the gate. 

"Halt!" said a guard. 

The prince was angry at this interruption. 

"I am Prince Robert. I want to see the princess." 

"Pass," said the guard. 

The prince went to the palace and knocked on the throne room door because there was no guard there. 

"Come in," he heard someone say. 

Redshaft - Chapter 2

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"Be wary of the walltop guards," I whispered as we jogged across the grass. "Let's not head to the forest, though."

He turned to me, slowing his pace, "Why not?"

"The stretch of ground is too vast, we risk being seen and shot. Let us head to the marshes," I motioned to the yellowing ground that stretched away to the left of the woods, cloaked in blue mists. "We will reach it in under three minutes instead of the ten or so to the treeline, and our position will be veiling by the fog."

Redshaft - Chapter 1

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I wasn't sure how long I was in the prison cell, but one thing was certain:

I was going to free myself this time.

Standing up, I walked in circles in the cell, the smell of dungeon weed growing on the castle stones around me clogging my thoughts.
Perhaps that's why they let this weed grow; to stop one from thinking straight.
The circles in which I walked to free up my mind weren't too large, for my leg was chained to a large three hundred pound ball of iron.

Three Dark Roses

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Don’t move. My eyes squeeze shut like a hiding child.  The air throbs with my enemy’s approach. Go away, goaway-goaway. Terror pulls the air from my lungs in an unwilling scream. Save me. Save me.

Dissonance presses against my heart; everything fades…


Flickering candlelight caresses my eyelids. “Abigail, can you hear me? Child?” Despite pain stabbing my body, relief floods my mind.  Scarlet streaks blur my vision as I open my eyes.