True beauty

Someone Different

Submitted by Libby on Mon, 11/12/2018 - 05:33

She glows...
with a beauty I
cannot explain.
She smiles...
and it's like the
sun shines through.
She laughs...
and the sound is
like ocean-spray.
She whispers...
and I hear the
whistling wind.

Where does she find her
Why does nothing seem to
touch her?
Why is she not
She is unmarred
by the opinions of
the world, she loves
to love and hates
Why is she so


Submitted by Damaris Ann on Wed, 07/11/2018 - 14:34


I tried to express myself through scratches and
Bumps and bruises
A tangle of faded t shirts and
Ripped denim skirts
Proclaiming to the world
That I
Was tough
Hair in a ponytail I raced up the hill
Climbed the tree and
Fell down
On my
I grit my teeth
On my skin
Proving to my friends that I
Could be


There's Perfect, there's Normal, and then there's Me

Submitted by Damaris Ann on Sun, 11/09/2014 - 05:35

There's perfect, there's normal, and then there's me.
Listen closely and I'll tell you what I mean:
Perfect wears a dress sized two,
Her little foot wears a seven shoe.
Perfect nose and perfect smile,
Eyes made to win and beguile.
Perfect body and perfect face,
Perfect hair, always in place.
Now normal tells a rather sad tale,
In perfectness does surely fail.
Messy bun and camo flip-flops,
Red plaid pajama bottoms and a pink tank-top.
Neon-green nails, painted weeks ago,
Too much makeup, putting on a show.

Truly Beautiful

Submitted by michelle leese on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 16:48

There she is

the most beautiful girl in the world

walking down the street

every boys eyes are in her derection

but is she truly beautiful?

her hair is like a blanket of silk

swaying in the breeze

but is she truly beautiful?

her eyes are like a million shining stars

but is she truly beautiful?

her nose is the perfect size

the perfect piont

but is she truly beautiful?

her lips are like an angels

not to big

not to small

Innocence Erase

Submitted by Mairead on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 00:25

innocence and grace
the treasures of her faith
as a baby into a child
she is unsoiled, pure and mild

but then time passes and she grows
into someone who doesn't care to know
someone who gets lost in fads
only because it's what society says

she becomes the phone she holds
not because of force, she chose
just because the world pushed it
she has squeezed herself in to fit

innocence erase
the mask she holds to hide her face
take from her a life of sorrow