Child of Darkness Chapter the Tenth (about time too no?)

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 But I can't see into him and he turns away to face the open road.

            “Never ye mind. Ye'll tell in yer own time I'm sure. Why do ye think there ain't been a soul here to snatch us all to the queen's delightful company?” It is clear that this conversation is closed for now.

            “Probably because every time any soldiers get near us, they are sent running in terror from Annie and Danielle.” I and Isaias chuckle a bit and then I fall silently into thought.


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Awake, my dear, awake

The morning you must take

You must fight the unknown fears

That have haunted all for years


As you lie there in bed

People tremble in dread

Only you can help

Beat  pain like a whelp


You have lived your life in comfort

You must do what you were born for

So rise from you sleep

Let your sword cut deep


I know you dream deep dreams

Void of any screams

But you must hear terror today

As the wickedness you slay

Redshaft - Chapter 1

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I wasn't sure how long I was in the prison cell, but one thing was certain:

I was going to free myself this time.

Standing up, I walked in circles in the cell, the smell of dungeon weed growing on the castle stones around me clogging my thoughts.
Perhaps that's why they let this weed grow; to stop one from thinking straight.
The circles in which I walked to free up my mind weren't too large, for my leg was chained to a large three hundred pound ball of iron.