Sufficient Grace

Submitted by Grace J. on Fri, 10/02/2020 - 04:12

Beads of sweat twinkled like diamonds on the woman’s forehead. Her hands, too, were wet and slid on her sword’s hilt, but there was no time to pause and wipe them. She swung around and a clang rang out as her weapon struck her enemy’s. Then with a duck and a twist, she knocked his sword far from him and slashed his right hand.

The man screamed and glared at her with pure hatred blazing in his eyes. The woman barely noticed, though. As he ran away to bind his wound, another soldier stepped in to take his place.

There was always another one.

Lift Up My Fear

Submitted by Mairead on Wed, 03/31/2010 - 03:14

my heart is heavy
my soul is worn
my tears still flowing
my arms sore

my head is drooped
my legs are weak
quantity wins
I can hardly speak

I can't carry this load
I'm not seeing the signs
I can't walk this road
the do or don'ts, yes or no's, no bright lines

my cry is for an answer
my tears for a touch
my sighing for a Savior
my cowering for Your love

these feelings inside
too strong to ignore
are fighting to pull me around
I feel uninformed